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Here are some links to more great BBSes and BBS-related content.


  • BBS The Documentary
    This documentary series by Jason Scott covers every aspect of what BBSing is all about. Carve out some time and start your BBS video journey here!
  • Back to the BBS
    Another great, more recent BBS documentary series from Al's Geek Lab.
  • Synchronet BBS Software
    A series of videos by the author of Synchronet, Rob Swindell (aka digital man), covering all things related to Synchronet, from configuration tutorials to new version updates.
  • ArakNet TV
    A great collection of even more BBS-related videos.
  • The Digital Infinity
    The finest door game review channel one can find on YouTube.
  • TechHeart
    Covering all things retro, from BBSes to other vintage tech. Run by paulie420 of 2o fOr beeRS bbS!
  • One-offs

Blogs & Articles

  • Break Into Chat
    In-depth blogs, interviews, and articles covering door games and other BBS-related topics. Created in response to Wikipedia's mass-purge of articles having anything to do with bulletin boards.
  • One-offs


  • MiSTiGRiS
    Releasing some of the finest art packs since 1994.
  • ACiD Productions
    One of the longest-running and best known art groups around.
  • Sixteen Colors
    The most comprehensive online archive of ANSI and ASCII art.
  • ANSI Editors

    • PabloDraw
      The de-facto ANSI viewer & editor of the current age. Has a built-in file browser for viewing large directories of all manner of art files, like ANS, ASC, MSG (Ctrl-A), and RIP. Capable of viewing the Sixteen Colors online archive. Windows, macOS, and Linux.
    • Moebius
      An ANSI/ASCII editor with several advanced options, such as half-block drawing tools and reference image support. Highly recommended. Windows & Linux.

BBS-Related File Resources

  • Retrocomputing Archive
    Collections of files, entire CD-ROM images, and lots more.
  • BBS Archives Site Mirror hosted on Vertrauen
    This is a mirror of the original BBS Archives site ( But, unlike the original site, which for some reason STILL insists on using older, FTP-style links which no longer work in modern browsers, it has actual, working html-style file download links.
  • The Archives at
    A massive treasure trove of all kinds of BBS related files.
  • The Fool's Quarter BBS
    A solid Synchronet board running perhaps the best organized and carefully curated collections of door games around (many accompanied by registration codes or keygens) , seemingly uncovering more with each passing day!

Terminal Programs

  • SyncTERM
    This is the most feature-packed telnet/SSH terminal available today. Supports 16 & 256 color ANSI, multiple fonts, sixel graphics, and multiple "ANSI music" formats. Optionally comes pre-loaded with the Synchronet BBS directory. Windows, macOS, and Linux. Free.
  • NetRunner
    If you're looking for an alternative to SyncTERM, NetRunner is a great option. While it lacks 1:1 feature parity with SyncTERM, it makes up for it with a very nice smoothed-text presentation. Windows & Linux. Free.
  • MagiTerm
    Another fine alternative to SyncTERM by Apam, the author of Talisman BBS and several doors and BBS-related utilities. Windows & Linux. Free.
  • ZOC
    A more modern terminal with several advanced features. Used mainly by door game players for its scripting capabilities. Windows & macOS. Shareware.

BBS Listings

  • ArakNet Member BBS List
    This is a list of exclusive ArakNet member boards. It's the first place to look for the most unique and inspired boards around.
  • Synchronet BBS List
    Listing of active Synchronet boards. Updated daily.
  • The Telnet BBS Guide
    A massive repository of (mostly) active BBSes, kept up-to-date automatically by various sources, for better or worse. Due to somewhat high BBS turnover, take the "New BBS" section on the home page with a grain of salt. For best results, use the Search feature at the top to find boards that interest you.
  • I Ping Therefore I Am
    Another nice listing of current boards, with various stats and information. Offers a nice random shuffle of boards to check out.

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There are lots more links over on the door games page. Links to authors' sites are provided whenever possible, whether active or archived.

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