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This is a chill, laid-back internet-based BBS (bulletin board system), much like the kind one might connect to via dial-up during the '80s and '90s before the internet became mainstream. Bulletin boards were a fun, popular way for users to connect, post messages, download files, and play online games.

Built specifically with retro-gaming and retro-computing in mind, this BBS aims to recreate each of those experiences.

Why run a BBS today?

BBSes mean different things to different people. Mostly, BBSing is a hobby; it's an excuse to tinker, experiment, and have fun with old and new software. It's a means to preserve and replay several classic door games that cannot otherwise be played.

Also, it's a scaled-down alternative to modern social media platforms. A typical BBS is run by an individual person as opposed to a business entity, and is therefore generally free of ads and corporate influence.

If any of the above sound appealing to you, then you've come to the right place.

You can connect now in your browser by clicking the castle above, or install SyncTERM for a dedicated full-screen telnet/ssh terminal, and experience the board the way all boards were meant to be experienced.

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