Nodelist for Friday, September 24, 2021 -- Day number 267 : 26733
  Copyright 2018-2118, tqwNet, All rights reserved

 08/26/2018 tqwNet is born!
 08/26/2018 All nodes are required to have Cram-MD5 ON! Nodes before this date can keep current settings.
 08/26/2018 All nodes will be auto-subscribed to all message echos!
 08/26/2018 We now have our  2nd node, Alan Ianson from Penticton, BC Canada
 09/15/2018 We now have our  3rd node, Deon George from Parkdale, VIC Australia
 09/19/2018 We now have our  4th node, Al DeRosa from Yorktown Heights, NY, US
 09/21/2018 We now have our  5th node, Mike Powell from Frankfort, KY, US
 09/26/2018 We now have our  6th node, Tim Grooms from Mayflower, AR, US
 09/30/2018 We now have our  7th node, Mark Iezzi from Warminster, PA, US
 11/07/2018 We now have our  8th node, Andrew Pamment from Toowoomba, QLD Australia
 11/16/2018 We now have our  9th node, Dave Cloutier from Quebec City, CA
 02/27/2019 We now have our 10th node, Carlos Roldan from New Bedford, MA, US
 03/16/2019 We now have our 11th node, Tony Langdon from Bendigo, VIC Australia
 05/07/2019 Modified Nodelist to use ZeroTier addressing only for the hubs in anticipation of switching to use just zt
 05/07/2019 Modified The Fat Sandwich to new host address of
 05/09/2019 Delegated subdomain to a different set of DNS servers to make life easier with adding/updating hosts
 05/09/2019 Changed hostnames for the hubs to match the new DNS delegation
 05/18/2019 We now have our 12th node, Ernest J Gainey III from Alden, NY, US
 05/19/2019 We now have our 13th node, Matthew Smith from Toronto, ON, CA
 05/21/2019 We now have our 14th node, Philipp Giebel from Frankfurt, DE
 05/23/2019 We now have our 15th node, Rex Gibson from ON, CA
 06/01/2019 We now have our 16th node, Dan Richter from Rio Rancho, NM, US
 06/06/2019 We now have our 17th node, Mickey Frklic from Fountain Valley, CA, US
 06/09/2019 Modified Fat Sandwich on node 1337:2/102 to Happyland -
 06/18/2019 We now have our 18th node, Jon Justvig from ICT, KS, US
 07/30/2019 We now have our 19th node, Matthew Anderson from Redondo Beach, CA, US
 07/30/2019 Modified Happyland on node 1337:2/102 to Nocturnal -
 08/08/2019 We now have our 20th node, Marty Taylor from Cincinnati, OH, US
 08/28/2019 I have started to play with MakeNL, and this nodelist is made with it. Any issues please let me know.
 10/12/2019 We now have our 21st node, Bradley Thornton from Los Angeles, CA, US
 11/06/2019 We now have our 22nd node, Ktulu from Insane Asylum. This node is private.
 11/14/2019 We now have our 23rd node, Mike Da Costa from Toronto, ON, CA
 11/15/2019 We now have our 24th node, Henk Blanken from Ouwerkerk, NL
 12/20/2019 We now have our 25th node, Timothy Blada from Albuquerque, NM, US
 12/29/2019 We now have our 26th node, Will Milberger from Kurten, TX, US
 03/15/2020 Starting to add ZeroTier node ID's to the nodelist
 03/15/2020 Added Castle Rock's ZeroTier node ID 378a36b4b6
 03/15/2020 Added Hub AU and Chinwag's ZeroTier node ID eef014f861
 03/27/2020 We now have our 27th node, Luc McGarragher from Montreal,Quebec,CA
 03/31/2020 We now have our 28th node, Hauns Froehlingsdorf from San Jose, CA, US
 04/13/2020 We now have our 29th node, Robbie Whiting (Alpha) from Berkeley, CA, US
 04/26/2020 We now have our 30th node, Jesse Cussins (Lux) from Rohnert Park, CA, US
 05/08/2020 We now have our 31st node, Jay Harris from Binbrook, ON, CA
 05/27/2020 We now have our 32nd node, Mike McCafferty from Oshawa, ON, CA
 06/16/2020 We now have our 33rd node, Jeff Liford from Washington, DC, US
 07/21/2020 We now have our 34th node, Paul Lee from Portland, OR, US
 07/21/2020 We now have our 35th node, Dean Lodge from Omaha, NE, US
 07/22/2020 We now have our 36th node, Karl Harris from San Antonio, TX, US
 08/20/2020 We now have our 37th node, Doug Cooper from Carmel, IN, US
 08/20/2020 We now have our 38th node, Stephan Gebbers from Potsdam, DE
 08/21/2020 We now have our 39th node, Runner Seven from Somewhere, DE
 08/21/2020 Changed the domain for pwecks retreat to
 09/01/2020 We now have our 40th node, Marco Reparon from Zoetermeer, NL. This node is private
 09/20/2020 We now have our 41st node, Louis Northmore from Beverley, UK
 09/20/2020 We now have our 42nd node, Nikki Jenks from Erlanger, KY, US
 09/21/2020 We now have our 43rd node, Greg Youngblood from Inverness, FL, US
 09/29/2020 Changed Card & Claw to The Drunken Gamer
 10/23/2020 We now have our 44th node, Morgan Collins from San Francisco, CA, US
 10/27/2020 We now have our 45th node, Michael Long from Charlotte, NC, US
 11/03/2020 We now have our 46th node, Another Greg Youngblood production: The Ghetto BBS
 11/03/2020 We now have our 47th node, Mark De Silva from Toronto, ON, CA
 11/15/2020 We nod have our 48th node, Steve Wolf from Queens, NY, US
 11/27/2020 We now have our 49th node, Kevin Miller from Rochester, NY, US
 11/28/2020 We now have our 50th node, Tony Toon from Evansville, IN, US
 12/15/2020 We now have our 51st node, Anna Christina Nass from Karlsruhe, Germany
 01/30/2021 We now have our 52nd node, Aaron Grasswell from Peterborough, ON, CA
 02/13/2021 We now have our 53rd node, Anthony Stump from Mooresburg, TN, US
 02/22/2021 We now have our 54th node, Alistair Ross from Wellington, NZ
 03/03/2021 We now have our 55th node, Nick Young from London, UK
 03/09/2021 We now have our 56th node, Milan Minic from Prague, CZE
 03/10/2021 We now have our 57th node, Dean Galloway from Buckeye, AZ, US
 03/17/2021 We now have our 58th node, Matthew Blocker from Jacksonville, FL, US
 03/19/2021 We now have our 59th node, Ross Branham from Tonawanda, NY, US
 04/05/2021 We now have our 60th node, Todd Zieman from Perrysburg, OH, US
 04/05/2021 We now have our 61st node, Michael Schaffer from Chicago, IL, US
 04/09/2021 We now have our 62nd node, Daniel Path from Budapest, HU
 04/12/2021 We now have our 63rd node, Kostie Muirhead from Calgary, AB, CA
 04/29/2021 We now have our 64th node, Arjen Schumacher from Rotterdam, NL
 05/14/2021 We now have our 65th node, Michael Mrak from Grossweikersdorf, Austria
 05/18/2021 We now have our 66th node, Craig Hendricks from Canton, OH, US
 06/03/2021 We now have our 67th node, Steve Weinert from Whitelaw, WI, US
 07/10/2021 We now have our 68th node, Chris Hizny from San Francisco, CA, US
 08/02/2021 We now have our 69th node, Mike Edwards from Reno County, KS, US
 08/18/2021 We now have our 70th node, Kevin Blalock from San Antonio, TX, US
 08/24/2021 We now have our 71st node, Fang Castro from Sacramento, CA, US
 08/25/2021 We now have our 72nd node, Richard Miles from Temple, GA, US
 08/26/2021 We now have our 73rd node, JaXson from Westfield, IN, US
 08/31/2021 We now have our 74th node, Luke Galutia from Oklahoma City, OK, US
 09/20/2021 We now have our 75th node, Wayne Smith from Orlando, FL, US


 You may modify this nodelist for your own private use; however, you may not
 redistribute it after any changes have been made.

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Zone1337tqwNet ZC WHQRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24556, U, MY
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region1337tqwNet RC WHQRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600ICM,, IBN:24556, U, MY
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host1tqwNet R1 HQRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600ICM,, IBN:24556, U, MY
Hub100tqwNet UK HQRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600ICM,, IBN:24556, U, MY
101The Quantum WormholeRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY, ZT:886642e222
102KuehlboxFrankfurt DEPhilipp GiebelUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
103HB3NOSOuwerkerk NLHenk BlankenUnpublished9600CM, ITN, INA:, IBN, U, MY
104FuNToPiaPotsdam DEStephan GebbersUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2023,, IBN, U, MG
105TechNoirFrankfurt DERunner SevenUnpublished9600CM, ITN:723,, IBN, U, MY
Pvt106-.sOUNDGARDEn.-Zoetermeer NetherlandsMarco Reparon-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN, INA, IBN, U, MY
107Sonic BBSBeverley UKLouis NorthmoreUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, EG
108Imzadi BoxKarlsruhe GermanyAnna Christina NassUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
110TFSILondon UKNick YoungUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
111BeBeeSPrague CZEMilan MinicUnpublished9600CM, ITN:1234,, IBN, U, EG
112Roon's BBSBudapest HungaryDaniel PathUnpublished9600CM, ITN:1212,, IBN, U, MX
113Stealthworld BBSRotterdam NLArjen SchumacherUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2023,, IBN, U, MY
114Silent Chat BBSGrossweikersdorf ATMichael MrakUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
201dYslExIc dOnkEyRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600CM, ITN:1337,, IBN, U, EG, ZT:e148840e73
202PiMP BBSRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600CM, ITN:18023,, IBN:18554, U, MY
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host2tqwNet R2 HQParkdale VIC AUDeon GeorgeUnpublished9600ICM,, IBN:24554, U, SC
Hub100tqwNet AU HQParkdale VIC AUDeon GeorgeUnpublished9600ICM,, IBN:24554, U, SC, ZT:eef014f861
101ChinwagParkdale VIC AUDeon GeorgeUnpublished9600CM, ITN:10023,, IBN:24554, U, MY, ZT:eef014f861
102HappyLand v2.0Toowoomba QLD AUAndrew PammentUnpublished9600CM, ITN:11892,, IBN:24555, U, TM
103Freeway BBSBendigo VIC AUTony LangdonUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, SC
104Als Geek LabWellington NZAlistair RossUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2323,, IBN, U, MY
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host3tqwNet R3 HQRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600ICM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY
Hub100tqwNet CA HQRamsgate UKChristian SacksUnpublished9600ICM,, IBN:24554, U, MY
102The Wrong Number ][Yorktown Heights NY USAl DeRosaUnpublished9600CM,, IBN, U, MY
103Capitol City OnlineFrankfort KY USMike PowellUnpublished9600CM,, IBN, U, SC
104CIA Amiga BBSMayflower AR USTim GroomsUnpublished9600CM,, IBN, U, ZE
105Battlestar BBSWarminster PA USMark IezziUnpublished9600CM,, IBN, U, SC
106The Bottomless Abyss BBSQuebec City CADave CloutierUnpublished9600CM,, IBN, U, MY
107Necronomicon BBSNew Bedford MA USCarlos RoldanUnpublished9600CM,, IBN, U, MY
108LostCause Halfway House BBSAlden NY USErnest J Gainey IIIUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
109The Fishingnet BBSToronto ON CAMatthew SmithUnpublished9600CM, ITN:7777,, IBN:24554, U, MY
110t3llnetSomewhere ON CARex GibsonUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY
111Castle Rock BBSRio Rancho NM USDan RichterUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY, ZT:378a36b4b6
112Mystic Island BBSFountain Valley CA USMickey FrklicUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY
113Raiders Inc BBSWichita KS USJon JustvigUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY
114Central HeadQuarters BBSRedondo Beach CA USMatthew AndersonUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2023,, IBN:24554, U, MY
115Freeside BBSCincinnati OH USMarty TaylorUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY
116V'Ger BBSLos Angeles CA USBradley ThorntonUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY
Pvt117Insane AsylumRacine WI USKtulu-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN, INA, IBN, U, MY
118Stellar DarknessToronto ON CAMike Da CostaUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2023,, IBN:24554, U, MY
119Deadbeatz BBSAlbuquerque NM USTimothy BladaUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
120Dark Matter BBSKurten TX USWill MilbergerUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, SC
121SpaceSST BBSMontreal Quebec CALuc McCarragherUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24554, U, MY
122DreambuildersSan Jose CA USHauns FroehlingsdorfUnpublished9600CM, ITN:6800,, IBN, U, CN
123The Drunken GamerBerkeley CA USRobbie WhitingUnpublished9600CM, ITN:8888,, IBN, U, MY
Pvt124retrocomputacionCordoba ArgentinaThierry Olmedo-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
125PhysicsRohnert Park CA USJesse CussinsUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, RG
126Northern RealmsBinbrook ON CAJay HarrisUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
127The Unknown RealmOshawa ON CAMike McCaffertyUnpublished9600CM, ITN:3023,, IBN, U, MY
1281984 BBSWashington DC USJeff LifordUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
12920 For BeersPortland OR USPaul LeeUnpublished9600CM, ITN:34123,, IBN, U, MY
130Pwecks RetreatOmaha NE USDean LodgeUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
131The Search BBSSan Antonio TX USKarl HarrisUnpublished9600CM, ITN:34123,, IBN, U, MY
132The UndergroundCarmel IN USDoug CooperUnpublished9600CM, ITN:10023,, IBN, U, MY
133NeoCincinnati BBSErlanger KY USNikki JenksUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2323,, IBN:24554, U, MY
134Gray Matter BBSInverness FL USGreg YoungbloodUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2323,, IBN:24565, U, SC
135Halls of ValhallaSan Francisco CA USMorgan CollinsUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2333,, IBN, U, SC
136Inner Realm BBSCharlotte NC USMichael LongUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
137The Ghetto BBSInverness FL USGreg YoungbloodUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2323,, IBN:24570, U, RG
138Point Of No ReturnToronto ON CAMark Da SilvaUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2323,, IBN, U, MY
139Havens BBSQueens NY USSteve WolfUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
140Rust Belt BBSRochester NY USKevin MillerUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24555, U, MY
141CortexEvansville IN USTony ToonUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, EG
142Dark Systems BBSPeterborough ON CAAaron GrasswellUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, RA
143Slate Hell BBSMooresburg TN USAnthony StumpUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
144Buckeye TelegraphBuckeye AZ USDean GallowayUnpublished9600CM,, IBN, U, DB
145Ground ControlJacksonville FL USMatthew BlockerUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2323,, IBN, U, MY
146Lunatics UnleashedTonawanda NYRoss BranhamUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
147Error 404 BBSPerrysburg OhioTodd ZiemanUnpublished9600CM, ITN:404,, IBN, U, MY
148Odyssey BBSChicago IL USMichael SchafferUnpublished9600CM, ITN:8080,, IBN, U, MY
149The UndermineCalgary AB CAKostie MuirheadUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
150ConstructiveChaos BBSCanton OH USCraig HendricksUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, SC
151Spot BBSWhitelaw WI USSteve WeinertUnpublished9600CM, ITN:1123,, IBN, U, MY
152Shipwrecks & ShibbolethsSan Francisco CA USChris HiznyUnpublished9600CM, ITN:800,, IBN, U, MY
153Crewmate's Test LabReno County KS USMike EdwardsUnpublished9600CM, ITN:7357,, IBN, U, MY
154pLANET cARAVAN BBSSan Antonio TX USKevin BlalockUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
155NightvaultSacramento CA USFang CastroUnpublished9600CM, ITN:2323,, IBN, U, MY
156ShadowscopeTemple GA USRichard MilesUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY
157The RuinsWestfield IN USJaXsonUnpublished9600CM, ITN:9707,, IBN, U, MY
158Hive32Oklahoma City OK USLuke galutiaUnpublished9600CM, ITN:23333,, IBN, U, MY
159Archaic BinaryOrlando FL USWayne SmithUnpublished9600CM, ITN,, IBN, U, MY

 Mail Processing

  CM    Continuous Mail.    Accepts mail 24 hours a day.
  MO    Mail Only.          Mail calls only.
  LO    Listed Only.        Accepts mail from systems in the nodelist only.
  QWK   QWK-Mail.           Accepts QWK packets only.

  IP flag   Explanation:port
  -------   ----------------
   IBN       binkp
   ITN       telnet
   IFT       ftp

    Flag  Description
    ----  -----------------------------
    UBB   BBBS
    UCN   Cnet Pro (Amiga)
    UCU   Custom Made
    UDD   DayDream BBS
    UEL   EleBBS
    UEG   Enigma BBS
    UEZ   Ezycom BBS
    UGT   GT Power
    UMB   MBSE
    UMG   Magicka BBS
    UMX   Maximus CBCS
    UMY   Mystic BBS
    UPB   ProBoard
    UPW   PowerBBS
    URA   RemoteAccess BBS
    URG   Renegade BBS
    USA   Searchlight BBS
    USC   Synchronet
    USL   Sauron Linux
    UTA   T.A.G. BBS
    UTG   Telegard BBS
    UTM   Talisman
    UVA   Virtual Advanced BBS
    UWC   WildCat!/WINServer
    UWW   WWIV
    UXE   x/84
    UZE   Zeus

 ZeroTier node flags
    ZT:<id> where <id> is the network ID for each node when you
            run 'zerotier-cli status'

(updated at 9/20/2021 10:37:16 AM)