Host Nodelist for Friday, April 30, 2021 -- Day number 120 : 57922
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 07/10/2016 RetroNet is born!
 07/13/2016 All nodes are required to have Cram-MD5 ON! Nodes before this date can keep current settings.
 07/19/2016 All nodes will be auto-subscribed to all echos!
 07/27/2016 We now have a Europe Host thanks to Vitus Zeel from BlackICE BBS.
 07/31/2016 We have new host for Texas thanks to Shannon Kuchler from SmokyThing BBS.
 08/26/2016 We have new host for CT thanks to Andrew Leary from Phoenix BBS.
 09/08/2016 We have new host for WV thanks to Steven Sheeley from Split Infinity BBS.
 10/06/2016 We have new host for VA thanks to Phil Taylor from
 10/07/2016 We have new host for MS thanks to Robert Wolfe from Neptune's Lair II.
 10/26/2016 Cram-MD5 is now optional and no longer a requirement.
 10/26/2016 We have new host for NY thanks to Rich Lawrence from Radio Freqs & Geeks BBS.
 10/30/2016 We have new host for Canada thanks to Dave Vendermeer from Internal Dimension BBS.
 11/16/2016 We have new host for NM thanks to Dan Richter from Castle Rock BBS.
 11/19/2016 We now have a new Host/Hub for QWK mail thanks to Tony Langdon from Freeway BBS!
 11/20/2016 We have new host for Rio de Janeiro/RJ thanks to Flavio Bessa from Saturn's Orbit BBS.
 01/29/2017 Welcome back to Mitch Greive form THE VOiD BBS, our OH host.
 01/29/2017 We have new host for AL thanks to Dallas Vinson from Legends of Yesteryear BBS.
 04/14/2017 We have new host for CA thanks to Shooter Jennings from Bit Sunrise BBS.


 You may modify this nodelist for your own private use; however, you may not
 redistribute it after any changes have been made.

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Zone80RetroNet US HQNew Bedford MACarlos Roldan-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
 Main US Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region774Necronomicon BBS RetroNet WHQNew Bedford MACarlos Roldan-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, UMY
1Necronomicon HubNew Bedford MACarlos Roldan-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
3Error 404 BBSPerrysburg OHTodd Zieman-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
4Magnum BBSHuddersfield UKKeyop Troy-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
5Delta City BBSVallentuna SwedenJoacim Melin-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UCU
6The BridgeBendigo AUSTony Langdon-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
7Mystic DreamsWarminster PAMark Iezzi-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
8Alcoholiday BBSColumbia SCAndrew Haworth-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
9Livewire InternationalLouisville KYAllen Prunty-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
10Oxford Mills RemoteCampbellford On CAMike Manning-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
11Freeside BBSCincinnati OHMarty Taylor-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
12Capitol Shrill BBSWashington DCVincent Macaluso-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
13End Of The Line BBSPlano TXNigel Reed-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
14Shadowscope BBSTemple GARichard Miles-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
15CoL UnlLund Skane SwedenGustav Almstrom-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
16Battlestar BBSWarminster PAMark Iezzi-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
17Datanet BBSMelbourne AUSSteve Ellis-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
18-PRIVATE-Vienna AustriaRichard Menedetter-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN:24554, IBN, UCU
19The Gatehouse BBSHockley Valley OntarioJohn Riley-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
20XibalbaSalt Lake City UtahBryan Ashby-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
21DreambuildersSan Jose CAHauns Froehlingsdorf-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCN
22Hobbit Empire BBSGales Ferry CTDarin Booker-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCN
23Tiny's BBSDirty Shwa ONShawn Highfield-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCU
24Satellite of MadnessJacksonville FLMatthew Blocker-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
25Pattycake Mafia BBSDublin OHPetar Smilajkov-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
26Lunatic FringeVancouver WAChad Sharp-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
279640 News BBSCampbellsburg KYBeery Miller-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
28Echo BasePerry MIJeff Jun-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
29The ByteXchangeTexasAyex-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
30The ColossusProvo UTJordan Mcgilvray-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
31Amoeba BBSPhoenix USAMike Dee-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN
32moonboot labsPanama City Beach FLAllie Prather-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
33Exotica BBSToowomba QLDAndrew Pamment-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCU
35iNK tWOCovina CALawrence Manuel-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
36The DungeonCanberra A C TKeith Matthews-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
37Leisure Time BBSNew Baden ILRobert Riddell-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
38Archaic BinaryOrlando FLWayne Smith-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCU
39FoRTKnoXNetherlandsGeorge De Vries-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
40Electronic Warfare BBSVincennes INNicholas Loch-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
41Ghost OperaAnn Arbor MILori Holden-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
42Troy's DenPhoenix AZScott Miller-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
43Deep Space 94Evansville INTony Toon-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
44Cosmik Debris BBSLittle Falls NYAndrew Pepper-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
45The Facility BBSPalmetto FLJason Pratt-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
46FishingnetToronto OntarioMatthew Smith-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
47fORCE9London UKDavid Stephens-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCU
48HaciendHelsinki FinlandAntti Kiuru-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
49Fire On The Bayou BBSNew Orleans IAJoe Bruchis-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
50Modema Tider BBSGothenburg SwedenAndreas Selstam-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
51BackTo90'sLodZ PolandPawel Adamczewski-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UEL
52Blackfair's ManorLancaster PAKeith Cunningham-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
53Raiders Inc BBSWichita KSJon Justvig-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
54Amiga CitySouth San francisco CAMarissa Giancarla-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
55Subcarrier BBSOttawa CanadaJohn Mccoy-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
56Lo Fidelity BBSSan Francisco CARyan Fantus-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
57The Cube BBSOttawa ONWayne Robinson-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMX
58Digital WurmholeLondon ONBlair Lovell-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
59Backyard BBSSwitzerlandAndreas Jecklin-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
60Necronomicon II New Bedford MACarlos Roldan-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UCN
61DragonsWeb Labs BBSPembroke GAJames DiGriz-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UCU
62AlcaBBSApeldoorn NetherlandsMichael Trip-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
63The Time Machine BBSKamloops BCDarren Crawford-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
64Dark Side Of The MoonOttawa ONTroy Tuttle-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UCU
65After Hours BBSThe Villages FLHavok-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
66KF5QEO's ShackMississippi USAJohn H Guillory-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
67The Search BBSGoshen IndianaKarl Harris-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
68aBSiNTHE BBSRaleigh NCDaniel Kelly-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UCU
69Reign Of Fire BBSFranklin WisconsinGary McCulloch-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UCN
70The Wrong Number ][ BBSYorktown Heights NYAl DeRosa-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
71Power BBSAthens GreeceDimitris Krinas-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UCN
72ASCIIatticOld Bridge NJChris Costanzo-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UBB
73Nitemare CafeChillicothe OHRob Barnhart-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UWW
74ExchangeBBSRichmond VirginiaOzz Nixon-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UCU
75Nephilim BBSTel-Aviv IsraelDavid Abutbul-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
76Fusion BBSNewcastle AustraliaMichael Borthwick-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
77Fading blackHamilton Ontario CanadaWill Smith-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
78Planet AfrOVirginia Beach VAJason Tefft-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UEG
79CIA Amiga BBSMayflower ARTim Grooms-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCN
808-bit ClassicsWautoma WICorey Koltz-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
81The Quantum WormholeRamsgate Sacks UKChristian Sacks-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
82The Second Coming BBSKankakee ILJonathan Hodges-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UCN
83A Fixed Point In TimeHouston TexasCharles Pierson-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN, INA:, IBN, UCU
84ToTAL LoST BBSHarnosand SwedenDennis Eklund-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
85Veleno BBSRovereto ITThomas Bampi-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
86Mike's MansionPortland ORMichael Pierce-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
87ChinwagParkdale VIC AUDeon George-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMB
88Sonic BBSBeverley GBRLouis Northmore-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
89The Bottomless Abyss BBSQuebec City QC CANDave Cloutier-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
90Slate Hell BBSMooresburg TNAnthony Stump-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
91Herbies BBS IIWeil am GermanyThorsten Herb-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
92Dwarrowdelf BBS IISyracuse NYJames Cunningham-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
94Hysteria BBSToronto ONFrank Linhares-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UCZ
95Lostcause Halfway House BbsAlden NYErnest J Gainey-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
96Shodan's CorePrunedale CAAndy O'brien-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
97HamradioBuenos AireEduardo Castillo-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
981984 BBSWashington DCJeff Liford-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
99The Vault BBSBuenos Aires ArgentinaRodrigo Pelaez-Unpublished-300CM, ITN, INA:, IBN, UMY
100Pweck's Retreat BBSNebraska USADean Lodge-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
101The UndergroundCarmel INDoug Cooper-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
102The Unknown RealmOshawa OntarioMike M-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
103Nuthouse BBSInverness FLGreg Youngblood-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
104sbbs dynu netVienna VAPhillip Taylor-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
105CrNet BBSSt James NYJohn Gonzales-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
106Westwood BBS IIKing George VAMichael Newkirk-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UEG
107Lunatics UnleashedBuffalo NYRoss Branham-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
108Red Mud BBSOklahoma City OKDavid Snyder-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
109Dark Systems BBSOntario CanadaAaron Grasswell-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
110Communication ConnectionRochester Hills MIJeff Squires-Unpublished-300CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
111KCM BBSKautzen AustriaAndreas Zahrl-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
112Mystic RealmsWodstock OnarioJeff Earle-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
 Europe Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region049BlackICE BBS Europe HostDuesseldorf GermanyVitus Zeel-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
1Wintermute BBSDuesseldorf GermanyNiels Haedecke-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
2Kuehlbox BBSFrankfurt GermanyPhilipp Giebel-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
3SLiME CiTY BBSSweden AhusDavid Jacoby-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
4Miskatonic BBSGrosseto ItalyAntonio Capone-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
5Anybox BBSKoelln-ReisiekAndreas Peters-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
6Sinclair Retro BBSSan Giorgio di Mantova ITASimone Voltolini-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
7Friends BBSLondon UKTony Comandini-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC BBSBeelitz GermanyMichael Braun-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
 Texas Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region210SmokyThing BBS Texas HostSan Antonio TXShannon Kuchler-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
2Razor's Domain ][McAllen TXKevin Nunn-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
 NH Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region603Mystic Pi BBS NH HostNashua NHBrian Wallace-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
 CT Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region860Phoenix BBS CT HostPawcatuck CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-9600XX, CM,, IBN:24555, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, UMB
 WV Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region304Split Infinity BBS WV HostRupert WVSteven Sheeley-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN:24555, ITN:60177, USC
 VA Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region703mysticbbs dynu com VA HostVienna VAPhil Taylor-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
 MS Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region662Neptune's Lair II MS HostOlive Branch MSRober Wolfe-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN, INA:, IBN, UWC
 NY Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
DownRegion518Radio Freqs & Geeks BBS NY HostEast Greenbush NYRich Lawrence-Unpublished-9600, CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
 Canada Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region519Internal Dimension Canada HostChatham OntarioDave Vandermeer-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
20Amiga RevivedChatham OntarioPharoah-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, UMY
30RetroDigital BBSCalgary Alberta CanadaMichael Buchholz-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN, USC
40Dark Realms BBSToronto ONNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XA,, IBN, UCU
S Caribbean & Latin American Hub

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region787RetroNet Caribbean And Latin AmericaSan Juan PRDennis Ayala-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN, IFT,, IBN, MO
 NM Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region505Castle Rock BBS NM HostRio Rancho NMDan Richter-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
1Castle Rock BBSRio Rancho NMDan Richter-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
3Insane AsylumRacine WIJim Kulwicki-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
68 Bit Boyz BBSRio Rancho NMShane ONeill-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
7Another F-ing BBSElroy AZGary Crunk-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
8Files 4 Fun BBSOmaha NETimothy Norris-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
9ARDA-BBSDelaware OHTim Woodland-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
10Buckeye TelegraphBuckeye AZDean Galloway-Unpublished-9600MO, IBN,, IBN, UMY
11SpaceSST BBSMontreal CANLuc Mccarragher-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY
 Autralia QWK Host/Hub

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region61Freeway BBS QWK HOSTBendigo AUSTony Langdon-Unpublished-9600CM, QWK, ITN,, IBN, USC
 Rio de Janeiro/RJ Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region21Saturn's Orbit BBS RJ HostRio de JaneiroFlavio Bessa-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, USC
 OH Host

 CA Host

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region818Bit SunriseHollywood CAShooter Jennings-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UWC
Down1Avenger BBSSanta Cruz CAJason Pasalis-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UMY

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region256Legends of YesteryearHuntsville ALDallas Vinson-Unpublished-9600CM, ITN,, IBN, UVA
 Mail Processing

  CM    Continuous Mail.    Accepts mail 24 hours a day.
  MO    Mail Only.          Mail calls only.
  LO    Listed Only.        Accepts mail from systems in the nodelist only.
  QWK   QWK-Mail.           Accepts QWK packets only.

  IP flag   Explanation:port
  -------   ----------------
   IBN       binkp
   ITN       telnet
   IFT       ftp

    Flag  Description
    ----  -----------------------------
    UBB   BBBS
    UCN   Cnet Pro (Amiga)
    UCZ   Amiga Zeus BBS
    UCU   Custom Made
    UDD○DayDream BBS
    UEL   EleBBS
    UEG   Enigma BBS
    UEZ   Ezycom BBS
    UGT   GT Power
    UMB   MBSE
    UMG   Magicka BBS
    UMX   Maximus CBCS
    UMY   Mystic BBS
    UPB   ProBoard
    UPW   PowerBBS
    URA   RemoteAccess BBS
    URG   Renegade BBS
    USA   Searchlight BBS
    USC   Synchronet
    USL   Sauron Linux
    UTA   T.A.G. BBS
    UTG   Telegard BBS
    UVA   Virtual Advanced BBS
    UWC   WildCat!/WINServer
    UWW   WWIV

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