Zone Nodelist for Friday, October 1, 2021 -- Day number 274 : 17182
 (C)2000-current Sean Dennis ( and
 the members of The Micronet Information Network(TM).
 All international rights reserved.
 Unauthorized use prohibited.

    "A computer will do what you tell it to do but that may be much
    different from what you had in mind." - Joseph Weizenbaum


               ___ ___ __                 ______        __
              |   Y   |__|----.----.-----.   _  \.-----.  |_
              |.      |  |  __|   _|  _  |.  |   |  -__|   _|
              |. \_/  |__|____|__| |_____|.  |   |_____|____|
              |:  |   |                  |:  |   |
              |::.|:. | Information      |::.|   | Network(TM)
              `--- ---'                  `--- ---'

                     The Micronet Information Network(TM)
                         Created on 1 September 2000
               The name "The Micronet Information Network" is
                         a trademark of Sean Dennis.

          Zone Coordinator: Sean Dennis 618:618/0 (
     Asst. Zone Coordinator: Andrew Leary 618:618/2 (

          This document, and all information contained within, is
      copyrighted (C) by Sean Dennis and the members of The Micronet
           Information Network.  All worldwide rights reserved.

       This document is for the use of  persons carrying the Micronet
       echomail network and is considered proprietary in nature.  Any
       use  of this  document  or any  of the  information  contained
       within  outside  of  Micronet,  unless  written  authorization
       is  given  by  Micronet's  Zone  Coordinator, Sean  Dennis, is
                        is unauthorized and illegal.

       Nodes in  the EU/EEA,  please read the  official Micronet GDPR
                     notice at the end of the nodelist.

   If you're interested in joining Micronet or would like some more

   * Netmail:
       -- Send a netmail addressed to Infomail at 1:18/200@Fidonet or
          618:618/0@Micronet with the subject of MICRONET.  A copy of
          the latest nodelist will be sent to you inline as the body
          of the return message.

   * Internet:
       -- WWW: Visit our website at and download
          the infopack.

       -- FTP: Visit using anonymous FTP and get the
          latest infopack in /micronet/min_info.  The latest nodelist
          can also be found in /micronet/min_list.

   * FREQ:
       -- BinkP FREQ: FREQ MININFO from 1:18/200@Fidonet or

       -- Email FREQ: send an email to with the
          subject line of FREQ and the message body of MININFO.

   * Call:
       -- Call Outpost BBS at using the guest
          account and select option 9 at the main menu.

       -- Call a participating Micronet BBS and jump into the echoes.
          We'll do our best to get you set up!

     If for some reason you have problems with any of the above, please
     contact Sean Dennis ( describing the problem you
     had and we'll try to resolve it as soon as possible.

     If you are wanting to be fed via another network type, you still must
     fill out an application and send it to Sean before you are allowed
     access to Micronet as a node.

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Zone618Micronet Zone CoordinatorJohnson City TN USASean Dennis000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,,,, IMI, ISE, ITX, IUC, UMX
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region1Micronet Administrative RegionJohnson City TN USASean Dennis000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,,,, IMI, ISE, ITX, IUC, UMX
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host618Micronet Network HostJohnson City TN USASean Dennis000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,,,, IMI, ISE, ITX, IUC, UMX
Hub1Micronet FTN Mail HubJohnson City TN USASean Dennis000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,,,, IMI, ISE, ITX, IUC, UMX
2Micronet Assistant ZCPawcatuck CTAndrew Leary000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,, IBN:24555, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, UMB
10Outpost BBSJohnson City TN USASean Dennis000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,,,, IMI, ISE, ITX, IUC, UMX
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region10Eastern US RegionNorth Stonington CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-9600ICM, XA,, IBN, ITN:2023, IVM, PING, UEL
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host100Bits & Bytes BBSNorth Stonington CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-9600ICM, XA,, IBN, ITN:2023, IVM, PING, UEL
Hub1Bits & Bytes BBSNorth Stonington CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-9600ICM, XA,, IBN, ITN:2023, IVM, PING, UEL
2Phoenix BBSPawcatuck CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-9600ICM, XX,, IBN:24555, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, UMB
3MBSE Support/DevelopmentGroton CTAndrew Leary1-860-446-61189600CM, XA, H16, V34, VFC, V32T,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, UMB
10Bits & Bytes BBSNorth Stonington CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-9600ICM, XA,, IBN, ITN:2023, IVM, PING, UEL
11Weather Station BBS (Mystic)Bel Air MDMark Hofmann-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN:24557, UMY
12Weather Station BBSBel Air MDMark Hofmann-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, UWW
13Weather Station BBS IIBel Air MDMark Hofmann-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN:24555, UWW
14Neptune's Lair BBSMemphis TNRobert Wolfe-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, UWC
15Omicron ThetaMemphis TNRobert Wolfe-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN:24556, UWC
Down16The Syrinx BBSNorwich CTMarc Carrano-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, USC
19Battlestar PegasusWarrington PAMark Iezzi-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN:24557, URG
20Battlestar BBSWarrington PAMark Iezzi-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, USY
21Mystic Dreams BBSWarrington PAMark Iezzi-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN:24555, UMY
22Hidden Paradise BBSBatavia NYDean Brooks-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, UWC
26Necronomicon BBSNew Bedford MACarlos Roldan-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, UMY
28Blackfair's ManorLancaster PAKeith Cunningham-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, ITN, IFT, USC
30RVA Fido SupportRichmond VAOzz Nixon-Unpublished-9600ICM, XX,, IBN, ITN, IFT
32LostCause Halfway House BBSAlden NYErnest J Gainey III-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN
34BBS GameTimePittsburgh PAGary Ailes-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN
36TCS OnlinePittsburgh PAChris Schoppy-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region11Midwest US RegionMcAllen TXKevin Nunn000-000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN:24555, UTG
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host200Hub 200McAllen TXKevin Nunn000-000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN:24555, UTG
Hub1Net200 Mail HubMcAllen TXKevin Nunn000-000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN:24555, UTG
22Mystic Prison Board BBSMesquite TXRuben Figueroa000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN:24555, UMY
28Error 404 BBSPerrysburg OHTodd Zieman000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, UMY
32The ByteXchange BBSLindale TXChad Adams000-000-000-0009600CM,, ITN, IFC, IFT, IBN, UMY
34AT2k Design BBSClarksville TNSteve Winn000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN
36Razor's Domain IIMcAllen TxKevin Nunn000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN:24555, UTG
37Razor's Domain 3.141592McAllen TxKevin Nunn000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN:24554, UMY
44Star FrontiersHuntsville TxWilliam Williams000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN, USY
46The Oasis BBSHouston TxCharles Pierson000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN, UMY
48UnleasedWashington ILRoy Prokesh000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN, USY
50ConstructiveChaos BBSCanton OHCraig Hendricks000-000-000-0009600CM, XX,, IBN, USY;
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host250Southern Hospitality (Southeast US)Frankfort KYMike Powell-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN, USC
Hub1Capitol City OnlineFrankfort KYMike Powell-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN, USC
2CCO/Moe's BTFrankfort KYMike Powell1-502-875-89389600CM, XA, V34, V32T, ITX, IUC, IMI,, IBN:24557, UBT
10Possum Lodge SouthFrankfort KYMike Powell-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN:24555, UMG
16Archaic BinaryOrlando FLWayne Smith-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN, UTR
19End of the Line BBSPlano TXNigel, IBN, USC
21The Ghetto BBSLady Lake FLGreg, IBN:24570, UMY
23After Hours BBSLady Lake FLGreg, IBN, UWC
24Palantir BBSCantonment FLDaniel, IBN, USC
25Manic Modem BBSUnion KYJohn, IBN, UWS
26Freeside BBSMonroe OHMarty, IBN, UMS
27Final Zone BBSMemphis TNChris, IBN, USC
28TAK SoftwareMurfreesboro TNThomas, IBN, UWC
29Inner RealmRock Hill SCMichael, IBN, USC
31Slate Hell BBSMooresburg TNAnthony Stump-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, ITN, USC
32Midnight LoungePanama City Beach FLAllie Prather-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, USC
33The Thunderbolt BBSLittle Rock ARDaryl Stout-Unpublished-300XX,, ITN, IBN, USC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region12West Coast US RegionAptos CAKurt Weiske000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host300realitycheckBBSAptos CAKurt Weiske000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
Hub1realitycheckBBSAptos CAKurt Weiske000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
10Physics BBSRohnert Park CAJesse Cussins000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
12Time Warp of the Future BBSCougar WARobert E Starr JR000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
16realitycheckBBSAptos CAKurt Weiske000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
18US 99 BBSVisalia CARaymond Quinn1-559-429-82809600CM, XX, V32B,, IBN, USC
20Nova BBSPhoenix AZThom Miller000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
26Shodan's CorePrunedale CAAndy O'Brien000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, USC
28Lightning BBSVineyard UTSteve Helferich000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, ITN:2400
30RPG Circus BBSMesa AZJeff Brissette000-000-000-000-0009600CM,, IBN, UMY
32ACME BBSAlbany USADon Lowery-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
34SugarRushEugene ORJohnathon Arnold-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
36The Halls of ValhallaSan Francisco CAMorgan Collins-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
38Caught In A DreamMorrison COBrian Klauss-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
40The Fool's QuarterWest Linn ORTim Whitson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
42Shipwrecks & ShibbolethsSan Francisco CAChris Hizny-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region14InternationalToronto ONNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XX,, IBN, URG, PING
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host500DarkrealmsToronto ONNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XX,, IBN, URG, ITN
Hub1DarkrealmsToronto ONNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XX,, IBN
12The KOFO BBSBroendby DKGert Andersen45-364827229600CM, MO, XA, V34, Z19, VFC,, IBN, IFC, IFT, ITX, IMI, UMB
13The Kofo System II BBSBroendby DKGert Andersen-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, IFC, IFT, UMB
14TCOB1Connemara IrelandSean Rima-Unpublished-300CM, XX, UBB,, IBN
16DaRK! GameDaRK! SysOpOlivos Buenos Aires Argentina-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, UMY
22Aleco Experience BBSPrague Czech RepublicMartin Ruzicka420-2223601999600CM, XX, V34, VFC, V32, V42B,, IBN, IFC, UEL
23Northern RealmsBinbrook ONJay Harris-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
24DarkrealmsToronto ONNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XX,, IBN, PING
25binkd.undermine.caCalgary ABKostie Muirhead-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN
26Point Of No ReturnToronto ONMark Da Silva-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
27Star Collision BBSUppsala SwedenBjorn Wiberg46-18-75015159600ICM, TJT, XW, V90C, X2C, VFC, V32T, H16,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, IVM:60177, UMY, ENC
30B4BBSBeirut LebanonSampsa Laine-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, USY
32Tiny's BBSOshawa ONShawn, IBN, ICM, CM
33Tiny's BBS IIOshawa ONShawn, IBN:24555, ICM, CM
34The Cube BBSOttawa ONWayne, IBN, ICM, CM
36RetroDigitial BBSCalgary ABMichael Buchholz-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
40Dark Side Of The MoonOttawa ONTroy Tuttle-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:6502 Fernandez Ordas-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, ITN, IVM,
45Doc sud BBSBuenos AiresFernando Toledo-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
50Delta City BBSVallentuna SWEJoacim Melin-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24556
60Herp Derp BBSSouth AfricaAndrew Lewis-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
62Dark Systems BBSPeterborough ONAaron Grasswell-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
63TFSIUKNick Young-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region15Australia/New ZealandParkdale VIC AUDeon George-Unpublished-9600ICM, MO, XX,, IBN, IFC:60179, ITN:60177, UHU
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host510Australia/New Zealand HubParkdale VIC AUDeon George-Unpublished-9600ICM, MO,, IBN, IFC:60179, ITN:60177, UHU
Hub1Alterant MailHubParkdale VIC AUDeon George-Unpublished-9600ICM, MO,, IBN, IFC:60179, ITN:60177, UHU
2AlterantParkdale VIC AUDeon George-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN:24564, USC
3Alterant Game ServerParkdale VIC AUDeon George-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN:24555, USC
10The Trashcan BBSChristchurch NZNick MacKechnie-Unpublished-9600ICM,, IBN, USA
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region16Micronet Eastern EuropeBudapest HungaryDaniel Path000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,, IBN, ITN:1212, UMX
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host520Roon's BBSBudapest HungaryDaniel Path000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,, IBN, ITN:1212, UMX
Hub1Roon's BBSBudapest HungaryDaniel Path000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,, IBN:24555
10Roon's BBSBudapest HungaryDaniel Path000-000-000-000-0009600ICM, XX,, IBN, ITN:1212, UMX

   This is the main Micronet echo backbone.  You can use aliases in all
   echoes except in MIN_ADMIN and L618_SYS.  This is the current backbone:

   MIN_ADMIN      Micronet Administration [SYSOPS ONLY] [REAL NAMES ONLY]
   MIN_BBS        BBS Support/Help/Discussion
   MIN_CHAT       General Micronet Network Chatter
   MIN_COMP       Computer Support/Help/Discussion
   MIN_DEBATE     Friendly Debate [ADULTS ONLY 18+]
   MIN_GENAN      General Announcements (New files, etc.)
                   [READ ONLY TO USERS]
   MIN_HAM        Amateur (Ham) Radio Chat
   MIN_OS2        OS/2 Support/Chat
   MIN_TEST       "Test" Message Area
   MIN_WEATHER    General Weather-related Discussion
   L618_SYS       Micronet IBBS League 618 Sysops [LEAGUE SYSOPS ONLY]
                   [REAL NAMES ONLY]
   L618_SCR       Micronet IBBS League 618 Scores [PUBLIC/READ ONLY]

   The following echoes are required only if you participate
   in Micronet IBBS League 618.

   L618_SYS    League 618 (IBBS) Sysops [SYSOPS ONLY] [REAL NAMES ONLY]
   L618_SCR    League 618 (IBBS) Scores [READ ONLY FOR EVERYONE]

   This is the current Micronet file backbone.  All areas are read-only
   except MIN_TOHQ which should be set to hatch to your hub.

   MIN_TOHQ   Micronet Upload to HQ*
   MIN_BBS    Micronet BBS-Related Files
   MIN_INFO   Micronet Infopacks
   MIN_LIST   Micronet Nodelists
   MIN_MISC   Micronet Miscellaneous Files
   MIN_L618   Micronet IBBS League 618 Files

   * = All files to be hatched out via MIN_BBS or MIN_MISC must be hatched
       in this filearea for approval from network administration before
       proper hatching in the requested filearea.

   All hubs are required to carry all echoes (FTN/QWK/NNTP)
   and filebones (FTN only).



   ----  -----------------------------
   UCU   Custom Made
   UEL   EleBBS
   UEZ   Ezycom BBS
   UGT   GT Power
   UMA   Magicka
   UMX   Maximus CBCS
   UMY   Mystic BBS
   UPB   ProBoard
   UPW   PowerBBS
   URA   RemoteAccess BBS
   URG   Renegade BBS
   USA   Searchlight BBS
   USC   Synchronet
   USL   Sauron Linux
   UTA   T.A.G. BBS
   UTG   Telegard BBS
   UVA   Virtual Advanced BBS
   UWC   WildCat!/WINServer



   ----  ------------------------------------------------------------------
   IBN   denotes a system that does BINKP
   IFC   denotes a system that is capable of RAW or IFCICO
   ITN   denotes a system that does mailer over TELNET
   IVM   denotes a system that is capable of VMODEM
   IFT   denotes a system that allows FTP
   ITX   denotes a system that uses TransX encoding for email
   IUC   denotes a system that uses UUEncode for email tunneling
   IMI   denotes a system which uses MIME encoding for email
   ISE   denotes a system which supports SEAT receipts for anonymous
   IP    denotes a system that can receive TCP/IP connects using a
         protocol that is not covered by any other flag.
   INA   Lists a fully qualified domain name or static IP address to
         be followed by applicable protocol flags offered.
         Usage:  INA:<> or <x.x.x.x>
         This informationm may be placed in the BBS name field instead of
         using the INA flag.

   Telnet default port is 23. If the port is not 23 then the port
   number must be placed after the ITN flag (e.g. ITN:60177).  If the
   telnet address is part of the ITN flag (e.g.
   then the port number should be last (e.g.  This also applies if the FQDN is in
   the BBS name place in the nodelist.

   Always remember that the flag cannot exceed 32 characters total.

   The default ports for other protocols are shown below and changes
   from the default port must be flagged in a similar way.

   Protocol      Flag    Default Port

   FTP           IFT     21
   BINKP         IBN     24554
   RAW/IFCICO    IFC     60179
   VMODEM        IVM     3141

   Actual IP addresses can also be placed in the phone number field
   using the country code of 000, however, the use of a FQDN is prefered.



   NOTE: Micronet does not officially recognize ZMH as nearly all of the
         network is IP-only but all systems will honor the following
         flag for non-CM nodes.

   The flag Tyz is used by non-CM nodes online not only during ZMH,
   y is a letter indicating the start and z a letter indicating the
   end of the online period as defined below (times in UTC):

       A  0:00,  a  0:30,   B  1:00,  b  1:30,   C  2:00,  c  2:30,
       D  3:00,  d  3:30,   E  4:00,  e  4:30,   F  5:00,  f  5:30,
       G  6:00,  g  6:30,   H  7:00,  h  7:30,   I  8:00,  i  8:30,
       J  9:00,  j  9:30,   K 10:00,  k 10:30,   L 11:00,  l 11:30,
       M 12:00,  m 12:30,   N 13:00,  n 13:30,   O 14:00,  o 14:30,
       P 15:00,  p 15:30,   Q 16:00,  q 16:30,   R 17:00,  r 17:30,
       S 18:00,  s 18:30,   T 19:00,  t 19:30,   U 20:00,  u 20:30,
       V 21:00,  v 21:30,   W 22:00,  w 22:30,   X 23:00,  x 23:30.

   For example TuB shows an online period from 20:30 until 1:00 UTC.

   Daylight saving time

   If a node changes online times with respect to UTC when Daylight
   Saving Time becomes effective (which would be the case with most
   part-time nodes) then this is to be taken into account when
   assigning this flag. An online times flag assigned to a node should
   not be altered for the specific purpose of adjusting due to
   Daylight Saving Time since large difference files (NODEDIFFs)
   would result if every node was allowed to do this, e.g. a node
   used to be online from 2300 to 0800 in local time which in winter
   is UTC but in the summer it becomes BST (British Summer Time).

   This is one hour ahead of UTC and the corresponding availability
   times of this node during the summer period were 2200 to 0700 UTC.
   Therefore the online times flag would have indicated availability
   between the hours of 2300 and 0700 UTC, with the daily time period
   encompassing both times, so the flag would be TXH.



   The following baud rates are authorized for use in the nodelist:

   300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 16800, 19200, 28800, 33600, 57600



   Some nodes in Micronet may implement the PING and TRACE flags as

   If a message destined to "PING" arrives at its final destination
   and this final destination flies the "PING" flag then the
   receiving node will bounce the message back to the original
   sender clearly displaying all the original VIA kludge lines.

   If a message destined to "PING" arrives at its final destination
   but this final destination does _not_ fly the "PING" flag then the
   message may be deleted from the inbound queue without further

   If a message destined to "PING" arrives at a node which flies
   the TRACE flag but is merely passing through to another destination
   then the in-transit node will notify the sender of this occurence
   and will forward the original mail unaltered towards its final



   The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679
   is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for
   all individuals within the European Union and the European
   Economic Area.  The GDPR aims primarily to give control to
   citizens and residents over their personal data.

   It became enforceable on 25 May 2018. Because the GDPR is
   a regulation, not a directive, it does not require national
   governments to pass any enabling legislation and is directly
   binding and applicable.

   After May 25, 2018 companies and organizations can only
   communicate with people who have given their explicit consent.

   Every sysop in the past has requested to be listed in the
   nodelist otherwise they would not be a Micronet sysop so
   the permission of each individual sysop in regions within the
   European Union as well as the EEA has already been obtained.
   Should any of these sysops feel that their privacy is
   compromised by being listed in the nodelist, please get in
   touch with the appropriate hub and either have the entry
   removed or updated.

   As The Micronet Information Network is non-commercial and does
   not compile, store, nor process sensitive information, the
   bulk of the GDPR regulation does not apply to us as a group.

   The Micronet nets affected by GDPR are Net 500 and 520.



(updated at 10/1/2021 1:05:00 AM)