Fidonet Nodelist for Friday, October 15, 2021 -- Day number 288 : 34964

 The FidoNet NodeList, a listing of the systems within FidoNet.

 Copyright 2021, Fido Software.  All rights reserved except for the following:

   o The FidoNet NodeList is compiled so that computer systems within FidoNet
     may communicate with each other.  Use and intra-FidoNet distribution
     rights are granted to all FidoNet system operators for the purposes of
     communication within FidoNet or applying for a FidoNet node number.

   o This is a compilation of individual nodelist segments contributed by the
     drafters and compilers of those segments.  Contribution of these segments
     to this compilation does not diminish the rights of the contributors.

 Other use without express written consent is not allowed.  For other use,
 please contact Tom Jennings.

 Fido, FidoNet, and the dog-with-diskette are registered trademarks
 of Tom Jennings, San Francisco California, USA.

 | Begin Zone 1 PROLOG-section for Friday, October 15th, 2021: |


 Fidonet nodes are reminded that the current version of policy is
 Version 4.07, published on June 9th, 1989. All aspects of Policy 4.07
 are now and shall remain in force until such time as a new policy is


 You can request the most recent nodelist/nodediff from your Network
 or Region Coordinator. They are usually available with the "magic name"

        FOR ZONE 1 USAGE.



 Please check the END of the nodelist for updated additional technical
 information and notice regarding the General Data Protection Regulation
 (GDPR) for those Sysops using the Zone 1 NodeLIST/DIFF but whom reside
 and operate a Fidonet system in areas where the GDPR applies.

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Zone1North America (288)TorontoNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XX,, IBN, PING, TRACE
19FTSC AdministratorPawcatuck CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN:24555, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, TRACE
100RheniumCrestview FLOzz Nixon-Unpublished-300CM, XX, MN,, IBN, ITN:60177
105Renegade BBS SupportNew Derry PAT.J. McMillen-Unpublished-300CM,
110MaximusLimestone TNSean Dennis-Unpublished-300ICM, XX,, IBN,, IMI, ISE, ITX
119MBSE SupportGroton CTAndrew Leary1-860-446-611833600H16, V34, VFC, V32T, V42b, XA, CM,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, TRACE
120RemoteAccess Help USAcentral NC USAmark lewis-Unpublished-300XA, CM,, IBN, PING
123Legacy/XCrestview FLOzz Nixon-Unpublished-300CM, XX, MN,, IBN, ITN
130D'Bridge HelpTorontoNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XX,, IBN, ITN, PING, TRACE
133InterMail HelpHouston TXDale Barnes1-936-333-6077300CM, XX,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region10Calif-NevadaAptos CAKurt Weiske-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
1Region 10 Echomail Coordinator Calif NevadaAptos CAKurt Weiske-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host102SoCalNetLos Angeles CALee Green-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
127NOMAD InternetworkTorrance CABradley Thornton-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
401Techware BBSLos Angeles CALee Green-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host103Orange County CAAptos CAKurt Weiske-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
1bbsdev.netLake Forest CAStephen Hurd-Unpublished-300CM, XW, IBN
Pvt13Whiskey Lovers BBSLake Forest CAStephen, IBN
17nix.synchro.netLake Forest CAStephen Hurd-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
705VertrauenFullerton CARob Swindell-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host214San Joaquin Valley NetVisalia CARay Quinn1-559-429-82809600CM, XX, V32b, IBN,
22US 99 BBSVisalia CARay Quinn1-559-429-82809600CM, XX, V32b, IBN,
Pvt23US 99 Road NodeVisalia CARay Quinn-Unpublished-9600MO, IBN
Down559Techienet BBSFresno CATed Freitas-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host218CalNev IPNetAptos CAKurt Weiske-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
1Net 218 NECAptos CAKurt Weiske-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, IFC
Pvt109Inland UtopiaOntario CAMatt Munson-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN
210The BoardLa Verne CADarren Braun-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
215The Horizon BBSHuntington Beach CAChris Wilson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
220Mystic Island BBSFountain Valley CAMickey Frklic-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Down401The LoungeSan Francisco CAJames Downs-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
410Card & ClawBerkeley CARobbie Whiting-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
501iNK tWOCovina CALawrence Manuel-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
510Bit SunriseLos Angeles CAWaylon Jennings-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
520Success BBSLos Angeles CAChristopher Taylor-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
530Dreamland BBSLos Angeles CATony Master-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
600Shodan's CorePrunedale CAAndy O'Brien-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
601The Wastelands BBSCopperopolis CADonald Price1-209-785-41899600V34, VFC, V42b, CM, XX,, IBN
640The Vista BBSVallejo CAJason Pasalis-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
700realitycheckBBSAptos CAKurt Weiske-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
720Rail CityReno NVKen Johnson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
802The Phunc BBSMountain View CAKevin Elliot-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
810Storm BBSLos Altos CAApril Monoceros-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
830DreambuildersSan Jose CAHauns Froehlingsdorf-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
840The Halls of ValhallaSan Francisco CAMorgan Collins-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
850Beggar's CanyonHenderson NVJohn Nicpon-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
860Shipwrecks & ShibbolethsSan Francisco CAChris Hizny-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
870JensencloudFresno CAPat Jensen-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
880The Viper BBSFernley NVLloyd Fellon-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region11IL/IN/KY/MI/OH/WIPewaukee WINicholas Boel-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host120Interim NCMichiganNicholas Boel-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
10DOSLife US BBSSterling Heights MIEric Hocking-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
340Echo Base BBSPerry MIJeff Jun-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
457Communication ConnectionRochester Hills MIJeffrey Squires-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
616Cold Fusion BBSGrand Rapids MIAlexander Grotewohl-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host154WisconsinAppleton WIMike Miller-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
10The Pharcyde HUBPewaukee WINicholas Boel-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
30War Ensemble BBSAppleton WIMike Miller-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
40The Universal JoiNTGermantown WIJohn Hiemenz-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
50Reign Of Fire BBSFranklin WIGary McCulloch1-931-494-9100300CM,, IBN
Down608-Bit ClassicsWautoma WICorey Koltz-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
70Radio Mentor BBSMilwaukee WIAndre Robitaille-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
140Haunting The ChapelChicago ILMichael, IBN
154SPOTWhitelaw WISteve Weinert-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Pvt700The Pharcyde BBSPewaukee WINicholas Boel-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host220Interim NCIllinoisNicholas Boel-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
50Eggy BBSChicago ILMatt Richards-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
60Home of InterMailChicago ILDale Barnes-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
70Kernel Error BBSBelleville ILJoseph Werle-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
80Coffee HouseLisle ILJeffrey Bodenstein-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
90Unleashed BBSWashington ILRoy Prokesh-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host226Ohio NetKent Ohio USABill Burton-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
16The Amiga Frontier BBSAkron OHCharles Stephenson-Unpublished-300XA, ICM,, IBN
17The New Frontier ][ BBSAkron OHCharles Stephenson-Unpublished-300XA, ICM, ITN,, IBN:24556
18ConstructiveChaos BBSCanton OHCraig, IBN
30Freeside BBSMonroe OHMarty Taylor-Unpublished-300ICM, XA,, IBN
50Nitemare CafeColumbus OHRod Barnhart-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN:60177
70Basement TheorySciotoville OHJosh Ramsey-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
100Error404bbsPerrysburg OHTodd Zieman-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
350Fireball Express!!! BBSFindlay OHJay Talbot-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host227Indiana NetGoshen INMichael Batts-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
60Bufkin Ridge RanchMount Vernon INMichael Deig-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
Down70The Search BBSGoshen INKarl Harris000-199-21-199-227300CM, XA,, IBN
114The ROCK BBS IIIGoshen INMichael Batts-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
201Electronic Warfare BBSVincennes INNicholas Loch-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
301Leisure Time BBSNew Baden ILRobert Riddell-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
Down400Deep Space 94 BBSEvansville INTony Toon-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
701The Magic Lantern BBSWhiting INThomas Smith-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
702The Underground BBSCarmel INDoug Cooper-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host2215Northeast OhioKent Ohio USABill Burton-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX, V34, V42b,, IBN
1Northeast Ohio NECKent Ohio USABill Burton-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX, V34, V42b,, IBN
15wabusaKent Ohio USABill Burton-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX, V34, V42b,, IBN
1701STarFleet HQCuyahoga Falls OHDrew Klenotic-Unpublished-300ICM, ITN:5983, XA,, IP
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host2320Kentucky NetFrankfort KYMike Powell-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
33The Thunderbolt BBSLittle Rock ARDaryl Stout-Unpublished-300XX,, ITN, IBN
105Capitol City OnlineFrankfort KYMike Powell-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
107Possum Lodge SouthFrankfort KYMike Powell-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN:24555
1089640News BBSCampbellsburg KYBeery Miller-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN
195CCO/Moes BTFrankfort KYMike Powell1-502-875-89389600CM, XA, V32, IMI BBSPikeville KYChristopher Hall-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
304Manic Modem BBSUnion KYJohn Cameron000-104-219-52-88300MO, CM, TCP, IFC, TEL, VMP, BND,
Hold999new fido applicantSomewhere NEO USAnew sysop-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region12RC Eastern CanadaON PQ NB PE NS NFJason Sedora-Unpublished-300CM, INA:, IBN, PING, TRACE
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host229Greater Toronto Area (274)GTAJay Harris-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, PING, TRACE
Pvt200Electronic ChickenToronto ONDerek Mullin-Unpublished-300
312The Dark ZoneToronto ONAlex Coates-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
424Memphis TWMemphis TWPatrick Siglin-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Hub426DarkrealmsToronto ONNick Andre1-647-847-20839600CM, XX,, IBN, PING, TRACE
428Dark Systems BBSPeterborough ONAaron Grasswell-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
450The 9th GateMontreal QCJason Sedora-Unpublished-300CM, INA:, IBN, PING, TRACE
452Tiny's BBSOshawa ONShawn Highfield-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
470Slipstream BBSOshawa ONScott Styles-Unpublished-300CM,, IVM
550Point Of No ReturnToronto ONMark Da Silva-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
616MooseToronto ONVasily Losev-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
664Northern RealmsBinbrook ONJay Harris-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, PING, TRACE
700Mystic RealmsWoodstock ONJeff Earle-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Pvt720The BBS EnterpriseOrillia ONJason Kendall-Unpublished-300
981bbs.digitalgatehouse.comHockley Valley ONJohn Riley-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host249ON/PQ/PE/NB/NS/NFOttawa ONTroy Tuttle-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:6502
1Net 249 NECOttawa ONTroy Tuttle-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:6502
109Dark Side Of The MoonOttawa ONTroy Tuttle-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:6502
110AlleyCat BBSDartmouth NSGregg Somes-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
317The Bottomless Abyss BBSQuebec CityDave Cloutier-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
206mccarragher.orgMontreal QuebecLuc Mccarragher-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Down207bbs.jonwatson.caWindsor NSJon Watson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
307Central Ontario RemoteCampbellford ONMike Manning-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
400Subcarrier BBSOttawa ONJohn McCoy-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:2323, XX
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region13RC - Mid AtlanticDC DE MD NJ NY PA VA WVMichael Luko1-856-933-709633600CM, V34, V32b,, IBN, ITN, IFT
2Election CoodinatorBuffalo NYRobert Wolfe-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN, IFT
3REGION 13 POTS NETMAIL GATEMt. Ephraim NJMichael Luko1-856-933-709633600CM, V34, V32b
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host109National Capital Area Net 109Washington DCFrank Reid1-757-481-66119600CM, XA, V32b, V42b, V34,
41Internet Email GatewayWheaton MDAndrew Miller1-301-949-57649600CM, XR, V32b, V42
42Usenet News GatewayWheaton MDAndrew Miller1-301-949-57649600CM, XR, V32b, V42
201bbs.cyberchatnet.comVienna VAPhillip Taylor-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN, IFC
202bbs.cyberchatnet.comVienna VAPhillip Taylor1-703-310-74399600XR, V32b, V42
Pvt264www.TheLitterBox.orgBluemont VATony Campbell-Unpublished-300CM, IP
432The Idea LinkWheaton MDAndrew Miller1-301-949-57649600CM, XR, V32b, V42
Hub500Greater PG Co Lcl HubLaurelFrank Reid1-757-481-66119600CM, XA, V32b, V42b, V34
Pvt560The Play PenUpper Marlboro MDJeffrey Estevez-Unpublished-300IP
567www.bbsdoors.comLaurel MDFrank Reid-Unpublished-300CM,
568Eagle's DareUpper Marlboro MDFrank Reid1-757-481-66119600CM, XA, V32b, V42b, V34
909Lincoln LegacyLeesburg VAJohn Covici1-703-777-83839600CM, HST, V42B, V32B
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host129Pennsylvania NetTemp NCMichael Luko1-856-933-709633600CM, V34, V32b,, IBN, ITN, IFT
12TCS onlinePittsburgh PAChristopher Schoppy-Unpublished-300CM,
14Pioneer's StationCoatesville PAAlex Galiyev-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFC, ITN
102Convolution BBSMacungie PAJonathan Schreiter-Unpublished-300CM,
125Blackfair's ManorLancaster PAKeith Cunningham-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN, IFT
160Mystic DreamsWarminster PAMark Iezzi-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24555, ITN:24
165Battle Star BBSDoylestown PAMark Iezzi-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
215Mystic BBS SupportPhiladelphia PAJames Coyle-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN, IFT
305The Titantic BBSNew Derry PAT.J. McMillen-Unpublished-9600CM,
328The FreeSpeak BBSPittsburgh PAGary Ailes-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host261Maryland Central NetNCMark Hofmann-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN:24555
1Weather Station HubBel Air MDMark Hofmann-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN:24555
20Omicron ThetaMemphis TNRobert Wolfe-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN, IFT
38<<PRISM BBSSlaterville Springs NYJanis Kracht-Unpublished-300CM,, IFT, ITN, IBN
100<<PRISM BBSSlaterville Springs NYJanis Kracht-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24555, IFT, ITN
220The Realms of BlueWestminster MDScott Brown-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
1300Weather Station BBS (Mystic)Bel Air MDMark Hofmann-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN:24557
1304Weather Station BBSBel Air MDMark Hofmann-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
1305TechnoquarryTowson MDPatrick McGuire-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
1306The Dragons DenForest Hill MDAl Miller-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN:34554
Pvt1466Owls AnchorColumbia MDDale Shipp-Unpublished-9600XX, MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host266NJ Delaware NetMt. Ephraim NJMichael Luko1-856-933-709633600CM, V34, V32b,, IBN, ITN, IFT
32Eldritch ClockworkRiverside NJDavid Collins-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
75ASCIIatticOld Bridge NJChris Costanzo1-201-601-40119600CM,, IBN, ITN, IFT
215MPrah BBSHarrison NJMichael Prah-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IBN
404TequilaMockingbird OnlineToms River NJBill McGarrity-Unpublished-300CM, XR,, IBN
420The Digital PostWilmington DEScott Street-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
512Christian FellowshipMt. Ephraim NJMichael Luko1-856-933-709633600CM, V34, V32b,, IBN, ITN, IFT
550The Hub BBSNew Brunswick NJDerek PIazza-Unpublished-300CM, INA:, IBN, IFT
618Section OneWilliamstown NJKen Albert-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host267NYNet-Empire State Net NCNew YorkGregory Deyss-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24555, ITN, IFT
1Sound-BBSBrooklyn NYYury Kalinin-Unpublished-300CM, MO, LO,, IBN, IFC, ITN
67Thiaramus'DenAustin TXRoman Flowers-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
69Andrew's new nestBrooklyn NYAndrew Doilidov-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
118LostCause Halfway HouseAlden NYErnest J Gainey III-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
150Capital Station BBSSchodack NYGregory Deyss-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN, IFT
151Ocean Dreaming BBSWhite Plains NYBen Macaulay-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
152The Nut AsylumBrooklyn NYAntonio Rico-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
154Solar PiBuffalo NYCorey Reichle-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
155Hidden Paradise BBSBatavia NYDean Brooks-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN
156Cosmik Debris BBSLittle Falls NYAndrew Pepper-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
157The Wrong Number ][ BBSYorktown Heights NYAl DeRosa-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
158EcstasyBrookyln NYAntonio Rico-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:2323
Pvt300Lucid Dreams BBSBatavia NYBryan Hamilton-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, V32b, V42b
310SiliconUndergroundRochester NYJason Bock-Unpublished-300CM, MO, LO,, IBN
311SiliconUndergroundRochester NYJason Bock-Unpublished-300CM, MO, LO,, ITN:27
Pvt408Theoretically BBSEndicott NYAndy Avery-Unpublished-300MO
518Radio Freqs & Geeks BBSEast Greenbush NYRich Gattie-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:2323
585Rust Belt BBSRochester NYKevin Miller-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
800Capital Hub NECSchodack NYGregory Deyss-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24555
Pvt9999New Node ApplicantNet 267New SysOp-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host275Virginia And West Virginia NetVirginia Beach VACarol Shenkenberger-Unpublished-300XX, CM,,
89Diamond Mine OnlineFredericksburg VADave Perrussel-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IBN
91FluphElkview WVLeslie Given-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN,
Pvt92Fluph testElkview WVLeslie Given-Unpublished-300XX,, IBN:2313
Pvt94pure fluphElkview WVLeslie Given-Unpublished-300XX,, IBN:2317
93Valhalla Home ServicesRichmond VAC.G. Learn-Unpublished-300XX, CM,, ITN, IBN
95Valhalla IIRichmond VAC.G. Learn-Unpublished-300XX, CM,, ITN, IBN:24557
96GCOMMLIVE.comDumfries VARandy McCann-Unpublished-300XX,, IFT, IBN
97Valhalla IIIRichmond VAC.G. Learn-Unpublished-300XX, CM,, ITN, IBN:24558
98twixedFairfax VAAnton Mikhaylov-Unpublished-300XX,, IBN
99CompuBBSAshburn VAAaron Thomas-Unpublished-300XX,, ITN, IBN
100Shenks ExpressVirginia Beach VACarol Shenkenberger-Unpublished-300XX, CM,,, ITN:24
102RadNetPurcellville VAMichael Stern-Unpublished-300XX,, IBN
201bbs.cyberchatnet.comVienna VAPhil Taylor-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, IFC
301IPTIAStafford VAGlenn Rossi-Unpublished-300XX,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region14Mid West USAIA KS MN MO NE ND SDJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM, XX, ITN, IFT,, IBN
5The Twisted BalloonAnoka MNJeff Smith-Unpublished-300CM, XX, ITN, IFT,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host282MN MO KSMN MO KSJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IFT, IBN, IFC
1038FileCabinet BBSMinnetonka MNRichard Vonzel-Unpublished-300CM, XX, ITN,, IBN
1056Crystal PeakPine City MNWill Du Chene-Unpublished-300CM, IFC, IFT,, IBN
1061The Computer Express BBSAnoka MNChris Costakis-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IVM
1062The Computer Express IIAnoka MNChris Costakis-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhere KSNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host288ND SDND SDNobody-Unpublished-300
100Tinfoil Tetrahedron BBSBismarck NDDamon Getsman-Unpublished-300CM, XX, ITN,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhere KSNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host298Raiders Inc BBSWichita KansasJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,, CM, ITN, IBN
25Raiders Inc BBSWichita KansasJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,, CM, ITN, IBN
26Stepping Stone BBSWichita KansasJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,, CM, ITN, IBN
27Nightfall OrdainWichita KansasJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,, CM, ITN, IBN
28Curfew BBSWichita KansasJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,, CM, ITN, INA
29CheckSum AcknowledgedNorcatur KansasJames Plotts-Unpublished-300CM, INA:, ITN, IBN
30Sunflower Net 298Wichita KansasJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,
31Juice BBSWichita KansasJon Justvig-Unpublished-300CM,
32Deep Thought BBSTopeka KansasNick Burchett-Unpublished-300CM,
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhere KSNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
6Pwecks Retreat BBSOmaha NEDean Lodge-Unpublished-300CM, IFT,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhere KSNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host300Iowa NetIANobody-Unpublished-300
4Brotherhood of GroovynessSioux City IAJohn Porterfield-Unpublished-300CM, ITN, IFC, IFT,, IBN
5BGDCAG BBSStory City IABarry Davis Jr-Unpublished-300CM, ITN, IFC, IFT,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhere KSNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region15Mountain StatesAZ CO NM UT WYTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, IBN, ITN,, IBN:24555
1Region15 Echomail CoordinatorColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, IBN, ITN,, IBN:24555
2Region 15 HQ BackupColorado Springs COTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600ICM, IBN, IFT, IFC, ITN:60177,
3Region 15 News HubColorado Springs COTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600ICM, IBN, IFT, IFC, ITN:60177,
9999New FidoNet Node RequestAnywhere USNew Sysop-Unpublished-9600XA
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host104Mile High Net NCNiwot COChris Anderson1-303-652-35959600CM, XA, H16, VFC, V32B, V42B, V32T, V34
57ViaSoft Support BBSParker CoJoe Martin1-303-953-05689600CM, XA, V32b, V34, V42b
114The Dinosaur BoardNiwot COChris Anderson1-303-652-35959600H16, V32b, V32T, V34, V42b, VFC, XA, CM
115The Dawn of DemiseNorthglenn CORon Kinney-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
116Caught in a DreamMorrison COBrian Klauss-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host114NC Net 114 ArizonaColorado Springs CoTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN:60177
Pvt428CyberSupport Hq/Co.A BBSPhoenix AZPhil Runyan-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, INA
201The Babble BBSTucson AZDane Beko-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
224Granite Mountain OverlookPrescott AZRobb Ballard-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
271DiamondBack BBSSurprise AZDean Steele-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
365Kellys BBSPeoria AZKelly Beam-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN:24554, IFT, ITN
464Torchwood ThreePhoenix AZLloyd Lewis-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
480The Echo ZonePhoenix AZRobert Basil-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
483The Sweet Shop BBSPhoenix AZButch & Diane Hoffman1-602-352-12779600CM, XA, V32B, V42B, V34, VFC
485The Realm of Darkness BBSPhoenix AZKen Bowley1-623-907-285833600XX, CM, V32B, V42B, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177,
487NovabbsPhoenix AZRichard Miller-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
489Abaddons PalaceMesa AZVincent Chapman-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
501ACME Anvil Company LTDApache Junction AZD.L. Schmidt-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
625The Realm BBSMesa AZSteve Bowen-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
701Smoke Signals BBSTucson AZLee Benson-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN:24554, IFT, ITN:51
702Amoeba BBSPhoenix AZMike Dee-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
Down703The CaVe BBSTempe AZScott Swenka-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, XX, INA, IBN, IFT, ITN
Down704The Helicon BBSSurprise AZDouglas Martin-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, XX, INA, IBN, IFT, ITN
705TroybbsMesa AZScott Miller-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN
706RPG Circus BBSMesa AZJeffrey Brissette-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, INA:, IBN
707Heights BBSTucson AZJohn Pinto1-520-303-789433600XX, CM, V32B, V42B, IBN, IFC, ITN,
708Dream Warriors BBSFort Mohave AZMark Hall-Unpublished-9600CM, IFC, ITN, INA:, IBN
709Buckeye Telegraph BBSBuckeye AZDean Galloway-Unpublished-9600CM, IFC, ITN,
710Darkest Hour BBSMaricopa AZShawn Rapp-Unpublished-9600CM, IFC, ITN,
711The Ducksnest BBSFlorence AZFrank Meeks-Unpublished-9600CM, IFC, ITN,
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host128Pikes Peak Net NCColorado Springs COTerry Barlow1-719-550-95999600CM, XA, XX, H16, V32b, V42b, V34, V32t, X2C,, IBN
1Pikes Peak Net NECColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
2Bayhaus BBSColorado Springs ColoradoPhil Kimble-Unpublished-9600CM, IFC, ITN:60177,, IBN
3The Asgard BBSCalhan ColoradoKip Vanover-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN
73Operation InsanityColorado Springs COGalen Barnes-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, V32b, V42b,, IBN
187Colorado Springs Central NetColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
Down206Farpoint StationColorado Springs COBrian Killough-Unpublished-9600CM, XA
Down252Night Owl BBSColorado Springs COAaron Lamers-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, V32b, V42b,, IBN
253StarBase AlphaColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
Down254Old School Colorado Springs Central NetColorado Springs COTerry Barlow1-719-550-95999600CM, XA, V32b, V42b,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host305Southern New MexicoLas Cruces NMTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN
1LogicNetLas Cruces NMJohn Willis-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN:24554
2Deadbeatz BBSAlbuquerque NMTim Blada-Unpublished-9600CM,
38-Bit Boyz BBSRio Rancho NMShane O'Neill-Unpublished-9600CM,
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host307Pueblo CO NCPueblo COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, XX, H16, V32b, V42b, V34, V32t, X2C,, IBN
1Region 15 HQColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, V32b, V42b,, IBN
2The Dragon's Gate BBSLa Junta COCory Daehn-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host310Cheyenne WYCheyenne WYTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, XX, H16, V32b, V42b, V34, V32t, X2C,, IBN
1Region 15 HQColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, V32b, V42b,, IBN
2Cheyenne Mountain BBSCheyenne WYMike Parks-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, V32b, V42b,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host311NC Net 311Magna UTTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XX,, IBN, ITN
1Colorado Springs Central NetColorado Springs COTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
2Lightning BBSMagna UTSteve Helferich1-801-250-24249600CM, XX,, IBN, ITN
Down4Computer God!!! BBSWest Jordan UTJames Salazar-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, INT,, IBN:3141
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host312NC Net 312Provo UTTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
1Colorado Springs Central NetColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
2Colossus BBSProvo UTJordan McGilvray-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host317Northern New MexicoAlbuquerque NMTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN
1Colorado Springs Central NetColorado Springs COTj Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
2Twinkle BBSAlbuquerque NMChristopher, IBN, ITX
3Castle Rock BBSRio Rancho NMDan Richter-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host3005Internet Only NodesColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, XX,, IBN
1StarBase DiscoveryColorado Springs COTerry Barlow-Unpublished-9600CM, XA,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeAnywhereNew Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region16New England JanitorCT MA ME NH RI VTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-300XX, CM,, IBN:24555, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, TRACE
101NIL BBSBoston MANil Alexandrov-Unpublished-300ICM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host132New England-NorthME NH VTFred Riccio-Unpublished-300XW, CM, MO,,
174The Computer LabLincoln NHFred Riccio-Unpublished-300XW, CM, MO,,
362The Four Corners BBSNewmarket NHRick Miller-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host142Central CT NetCentral CTBrian Rogers-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
73Arcadia BBSPutnam CTMichael Pedersen-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
103CarnageUnionville CTBrian Rogers-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
799Throwback BBSMeriden CTTodd Yatzook-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Pvt926n1api ham-radio-op netMeriden CTAl Kaiser-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host320CT conNEcTionsEastern CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, IVM, ITN:2023, PING, TRACE
Down101Syrinx BBSNorwich CTMarc Carrano-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
119Bits & Bytes BBSN Stonington CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, IVM, ITN:2023, PING, TRACE
219Phoenix BBSPawcatuck CTAndrew Leary-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN:24555, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, TRACE
319MBSE DevelopmentGroton CTAndrew Leary1-860-446-611833600H16, V34, VFC, V32T, XA, CM,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, PING, TRACE
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host322Mass Net CentralCentral MACarlos Roldan-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24556
756Necronomicon BBSNewBedford MACarlos Roldan-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
757Mysteria Majicka BBSCape Cod MAJim Haight-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region17North WestAB AK BC ID MB MT OR NWT SK WA YTDallas Hinton-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host105Awesome NetPortland OrRick Smith-Unpublished-300CM,
Down5Mike's MansionPortland OrMichael Pierce-Unpublished-300CM,
7Digital DistortionBeaverton OREric Oulashin-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IFC, IFT, IBN
10Abacus BBSPortland OrRick Smith-Unpublished-300CM,
11The WormHole IIPortland OrRick Smith-Unpublished-300CM,
81Awesome NetPortland OrRick Smith-Unpublished-300CM,
Down82Flux Capacitor BBSPortland OrMichael Pierce-Unpublished-300CM,
4202o fOr beeRS BBSPortland USAPaul Lee-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
500The Fool's QuarterWest Linn OrTim Whitson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Down200Tinfoil Tetrahedron BBSPortland OrDamon A. Getsman-Unpublished-300CM, IBN:ti
Down900Realms Online BBSLa Pine ORFranke E Rauhuff-Unpublished-300CM, IBN:bbs.realm
1000ACME BBSAlbany ORDonald Lowery-Unpublished-300CM,
Pvt9999New Node ApplicantNet 105New SysOp-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host134Calgary NetCalgary ABKostie Muirhead-Unpublished-300MO, CM, XX,, IBN, PING
100CalgaryNet EchoHubCalgary ABKostie Muirhead-Unpublished-300MO, CM, XX,, IBN
101The UndermineCalgary ABKostie Muirhead-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, PING
102Shell ShockCalgary ABShelley Petersen-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, INO4
103Techno CentralCalgary ABGordon Muirhead-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
301Insult2InjuryMedicine Hat ABBrandon Moore-Unpublished-300MO, CM, XX,, IBN:24569, INO4
302The EpochMedicine Hat ABAdam Park-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
303CaNerDUHMedicine Hat ABTravis Mehrer-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host138Rainer NetPierce County+ WAGene Buckle-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IFT, ITN
142The Retro ArchiveGraham WAGene Buckle-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IFT, ITN
146The Looking GlassTacoma WAMarc Blakely1-253-535-394933600CM, XA, V34, VFC, V32T, H16, V32b, V42b,, IFT
228Mystic DogGraham WARaymond Cool-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IFT, ITN
391GreyWolf's DenBigfork MTPaul Athorn-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN:
393EZVSNTacoma WACharles Waters-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN:
395Black Lodge Research BBSRedmond WAEmory Balmer-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, ITN:4022
396The Unknown BBSFinley WAKevin Crosby-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IFT, ITN
6502Baud BBSKirkland WARichard Orr-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:6502, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host153Pacific Rim HostPenticton BCAlan Ianson-Unpublished-300MO, CM, XW,, IBN, PING
105VE7TDTChilliwack BCGary DeMontigny-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN
135Danger BayVancouver BCTom Swartz-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
143The Ice CastleAnchorage AKGreg Meckel1-907-531-17269600V34, V42b, CM, XA,, IBN
250The Parity ErrorKelowna BCIan McLaughlin-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN
715BandMasterVancouver BCDE Hinton-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN
Pvt716BandMaster Wits' EndVancouver BCArdith Hinton-Unpublished-300
757The Rusty MailBoxPenticton BCAlan Ianson-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, PING
6809Pot O' Gold BBSPrince George BCKen Flanagan-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
7001Little Mikey's BrainLadysmith BCMaurice Kinal-Unpublished-300CM, MO, INA:, IBN
7715BandMaster InternetVancouver BCDallas Hinton-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN
802Canadian RebelPrince George BCDave Labbey-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
9999New Fidonet NodeNet 153New Fido SysOp-Unpublished-300CM, MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host340Mount Saint Helens NetCougar WA USARobert E Starr JR-Unpublished-300CM,, INA
Hold100Echto BBSVancouver WAErich Mounce-Unpublished-300CM,, INA
Hold101Lunatic FringeVancouver WAChad Sharp-Unpublished-300CM,, INA
400Time Warp of the Future BBSCougar WARobert E Starr JR-Unpublished-300CM,, INA
Hold800Catch 22Coeur d'Alene IDJoseph Larsen-Unpublished-300CM,, INA
1100Neuroflux BBSBoiaho IIDSam Evans-Unpublished-300CM,, INA
9999New Node ApplicantNet 340New SysOp-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host342Alberta NetCalgary ABMichael Buchholz-Unpublished-33600XX,, CM, IBN
11RetroDigital BBSCalgary ABMichael Buchholz-Unpublished-33600XX,, CM, IBN
19stateoftheark.caCalgary ABJoe Piche-Unpublished-33600XX,, CM, ITN:1990
200Joes BBSEdmonton ABJoe Schweier1-587-754-276033600XA,, CM, IBN, V34, V42b
201Joes BBSEdmonton ABJoe Schweier-Unpublished-300MO, XX,, IBN:24555
806Xanadu BBSEdmonton ABCharles Cruden1-780-439-836433600V32b, V42b, V34, VFC, XA,, CM, IBN, ITN, IVM, IFT, IFC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region18SE US & Caribbean (2021/156)AL FL GA MS NC SC TN PR DOmark lewis-Unpublished-300XA, CM,, IBN, PING
200Outpost BBSJohnson City TN USASean Dennis-Unpublished-300ICM, XX,, IBN, IFT, ITN:60177, IFC, PING
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host116Tennessee NetNashville TNDanny Walters-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA,, IBN, ITN, PING
17Neptune's LairOlive Branch MSRobert Wolfe-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, IFT
18Neptune's LairOlive Branch MSRobert Wolfe-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, IFT
80AT2k Design BBSClarksville TNSteve Winn-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
110TAK SoftwareMurfreesboro TNThomas Kloos-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:3141
112Camper's ParadiseMurfreesboro TNThomas Kloos-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:3141
116No Soap RadioNashville TNDanny Walters-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, PING,, IBN, ITN
4148Slate Hell BBSMooresburg TNAnthony Stump-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, ITN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host123R18 Orphans (2021/125)central NC USAmark lewis-Unpublished-300XA, CM,, IBN, PING
10Archaic Binary BBSOrlando FL USAWayne Smith-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Pvt20tnel software bbsLandrum SC USARobert Lent-Unpublished-300MO
25Vintage Computer BBSColumbia SC USAKurt Hamm-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
35The Information Exchange NetworkSummerville SC USADavid Farr-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
40Dok's PlaceDallas GA USAMichael Glassberg-Unpublished-300CM, MN,, IBN
115Palantir BBSPensacola FL USADan Clough-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
120Deep Space GatewayCrystal River FL USASam Penwright-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
126The Trading Post [SOUTH]Columbia SC USACraig Dooley-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
130After Hours BBSLady Lake FL USAGreg Youngblood-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
150Sloane BBSStone Mountain GA USASteve Smith-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
160CJ's PlaceOrange City FL USAChris Johnson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
170The Curse of FenricLawrenceville GA USARaleigh Apple-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
180Dave's BBSMarbury AL USADavid Smith-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
190Inner RealmRock Hill SC USAMichael Long-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
200Midnight LoungePanama City Beach FL USAAllie Prather-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
256Legends of YesteryearHuntsville AL USADallas Vinson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24555
257Furmen's FollyHuntsville AL USADallas Vinson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24556
400Orbit BBSOpp AL USAAllen Scofield-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Pvt450Castle CamelotTuscumbia AL USADonald Tidmore-Unpublished-300MO
525AlcholidayColumbia SC USAAndrew Haworth-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
755DragonsWeb Labs BBSPembroke GA USAJames DiGriz-Unpublished-300XX, CM,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177
1970Mid South BBSAmory MS USAKent Stanford-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, IVM
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host135Sunshine State NetGainesville FLEric Renfro-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, IBN, ITN, PING
300Decker's Heaven HUBGainesville FLEric Renfro-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, IBN, ITN, PING
366Localyocal BBSClearwater FLMark Meserve-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
367Efectolinux BBSCidra PRAntonio Rivera-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
369PiranhaHudson FLBrian Hubbard-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
371Decker's HeavenGainesville FLEric Renfro-Unpublished-300CM, XW, IFC,, IBN, ITN
377Tampa ScannerMedulla FLR.E. Christian-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
Down378PsYcHoTiC Industries BBSFort Meyers FLMichael Dunnington-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
379Pro Audio Repair BBSKissimmee FLDonnie Lee-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
Down380Days of Old BBSMiddleburg FLCliff Williams-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
382Malkonix's Place BBSSanto Domingo Dominican RepublicMilton Lizardo-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
383Rocket Town BBSTitusville FLRick DeLuco-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
384ZenolabTrujillo Alto Puerto RicoRalph Butler-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
385Oldschool FL BBSStuart FLShawn Shultz-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
386Gray Matter BBSThe Villages FLAdam Youngblood-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
387Legacy/X BBS WHQCrestview FLOzz Nixon-Unpublished-300CM, XX, MN,, IBN, ITN
388AftershockNew Port Richey FLPeter Schroeder-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, ITN
390Port of Call BBSPort Charlotte FLDave Weissinger-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
391Vague BBSLargo FLDavid Duff-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
392Doc's Place BBS OnlineClearwater FLEd Koon-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host3634North Carolina USA (2021/037)central NC USAmark lewis-Unpublished-300XA, CM,, IBN, PING
12The SouthEast Starcentral NC USAmark lewis-Unpublished-300XA, CM,, IBN, PING
15wabusaCameron NC USABill Burton1-330-548-256633600CM, MO, LO, XX, V34, V42B,, IBN
24Shadowscope BBSTemple GA USARichard Miles-Unpublished-300XA, CM,, IBN, ITN
27The Gate BBSCherryville NC USADavid Westphalen-Unpublished-300XA, CM,, IBN
Pvt42Mystic DawnJordan Lake NC USAT Cook-Unpublished-300XA
Pvt50Haven's TerminusHaven NC USAMax Haven-Unpublished-300XA
119UserClub BBSJacksonville NC USAEdward, CM, IBN
Pvt666Tesoro's HellChatham NC USATesoro Hayden-Unpublished-300XA
Hold999new fido applicantsome locationnew sysop-Unpublished-300
Hold9999new fido applicantsome locationnew sysop-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region19TX AR OK LAHuntsville ALMarc Lewis1-256-895-478633600CM, XA, V42b, V34,, ITN, IBN, IFT,
5R19 Internet GateAR LA OK TXUUCP1-256-895-478633600CM, XA, V34, V42b, GUUCP
10The Byte MuseumWharton TXMatt, IBN, ICM, MO, MN, PING, XA
25Darkages BBSWayne OKRandy Henderson-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, ITN, IBN, IFT
33The Thunderbolt BBSLittle Rock ARDaryl Stout-Unpublished-300XX,, ITN, IBN
36LinuxNodeLindale TXChad Adams-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA,, IBN
37The ByteXChange BBSLindale TXChad Adams-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, ITN, IFT, IBN
38CIA Amiga BBSMayflower ARTim Grooms-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,, IBN
39Red Mud BBSOklahoma City OKDavid Snyder-Unpublished-300CM, XA, INA:, ITN, IBN:24555
50Razor's Domain ][McAllen TXKevin Nunn-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
75The Black Knights BBSMidland TXMike Soper1-432-694-31429600CM, XA, VFC, V32b, V34, V42b
Hold9999Region19 New Test NodeAnytown USNew Sysop-Unpublished-300CM
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host106Houston AreaHouston TXDale Barnes-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
101Dark Matter BBSBryan TXMatt Milberger-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
127The Oasis BBSHouston TXCharles Pierson-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN:1357, IBN
201Home of InterMailHouston TXDale Barnes-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN
633Star FrontiersHuntsville TXWilliam Williams-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
713Project Open Gate BBSHouston TxJustin Waymire-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
987Athelstan BBSWallis TXLance Vavricka-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host124DALLAS TX AREAMesquite TXRuben Figueroa-Unpublished-300CM,
Pvt1113Nibbles & BytesRichardson TXRon Bemis-Unpublished-300
5009Family Net BBSSachse TXR Hoffman-Unpublished-300INA:FMLYNET.DYNDNS.ORG, ITN, IBN:24556, IFT
5013Prison BoardMesquite TXRuben Figueroa-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN:24555, IVM
5014Mystic Prison BoardMesquite TXRuben Figueroa-Unpublished-300CM, XA,
5015PCBoard Prison BBSMesquite TXDario Figueroa-Unpublished-300CM, XA,
5016End Of The Line BBSPlano TxNigel Reed-Unpublished-300CM, XA, PING,, IBN
5017XM Core BBSDallas TXDwight Spencer-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN
5019The Other Realm BBSPlano TxLawrence Stockman-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
Hold9999Net124 New Test NodeAnytown USNew Sysop-Unpublished-300CM, XA
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host130The Cowtown NetFort Worth TXJoe Knapp-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
230Future World IIFort Worth TXDaniel, CM, IBN, ITN
803CitylitesFort Worth TXJoe Knapp-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
1015KloneZone Mac BBSFort Worth TXDaniel O'Leary-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, ITN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host387South Central Texas NetInterim NCMarc Lewis1-256-895-478633600CM, XA, V42b, V34,, ITN, IBN, IFT,
20Bedrock BBSHelotes TXRick Waller-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, ITN, IBN
21TMZ BBSWeslaco TXRon Hall-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN,
25Richard Fun HouseSan Antonio TXRichard Williamson-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, ITN, IBN
26Cold War Computing BBSPflugerville TXJeff Thiele-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, ITN:9600, IBN
Down27Segfault BBSCanyon TXLarry Wyble-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, ITN, IBN
99New Fidonet ApplicantSan Antonio TXNew Sysop-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host396New Orleans AreaHuntsville ALMarc Lewis1-256-895-478633600CM, XA, V42b, V34,, ITN, IBN, IFT,
3Internet Gateway Net396Huntsville ALPostmaster1-256-895-478633600CM, XA, V42b, V34,, ITN, IBN, IFT, GUUCP
45Sursum CordaHuntsville ALMarc Lewis1-256-895-478633600CM, XA,, ITN, IBN, IFT,
Hold9999Net396 New Test NodeAnytown USNew Sysop-Unpublished-300CM, XA
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Zone2Eur (288)BWard Dossche-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFT, PING, IMI, U, ENC
2Fidonews EditorSwedenBjorn Felten46-31-96044733600CM, XA, V34,, IBN:24555
222BBBS HelpTurku FinlandKim Heino-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, ITN
1000International CoordinatorBelgiumWard Dossche-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFT, IMI, PING, U, ENC
1002fidonet.orgBWard Dossche-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFT, IMI, PING, U, ENC
1003Zone Pointlist KeeperGermanyUlrich Schroeter49-7331-98610429600CM, XA, MO,, IBN, X75, V32B, V42B, U, ENC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region20ScandinaviaSaeveBjorn Felten46-31-9604479600CM, XA, V34, IBN:24555,
228HAM-BOXMariehamn AlandHolger Granholm358-18-231689600V32B, V34, VFC, V42B, CM
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host201Capital NetHaningeChrister Jonson46-8-530430889600V90C, CM, XX, MO,, IBN:9090
111Capital CityHaningeChrister Jonson46-8-530430889600V90C, CM, XX,, IBN
121Modema Tider BBSLindomeAndreas Selstam-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
137Star Collision BBSUppsalaBjorn Wiberg46-18-75015159600ICM, TJT, XW, V90C, X2C, VFC, V32T, H16,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, IVM:60177, U, ENC
140codelandNackaDanne Jendinger-Unpublished-9600CM,, IBN
Down148www.fidoreader.comGoteborgMathias Hermansson-Unpublished-300MO, IBN
420NiKom BBSSunnyvale CANiklas Lindholm-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
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Host203West NetSwedenBjorn Felten46-31-9604479600CM, XA, V34, IBN:24555,
2JamNMTPdSwedenBjorn Felten-Unpublished-300CM, IBN:24555,
124pepzi.euGoteborgFredrik Eidelind-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN
208-=P=I=X=-S?veBj?rn Felten46-31-9604479600CM, XA, V34
412Jamten-TCLOstersundMichael Cronsten46-63-1333309600CM, XA, V32B, V34, VFC, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host221Finland (287)YlojarviTommi Koivula-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN,, U, ENC
1RBBYlojarviTommi Koivula-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, PING, TRACE, U, ENC
6KCOYlojarviTommi Koivula-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, PING, U, ENC
Pvt10InternetFinlandUUCP-Unpublished-300CM, MO, GUUCP, U, ENC
242New DetroitVallentunaJoacim Melin-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN,
360RBBYlojarviTommi Koivula-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN, ITN:32,, PING, U, ENC, NPK, RPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host222Southwest FinlandTurkuKim Heino-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, ITN
2BCG-BoxTurkuKim Heino-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, ITN
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Host230DenmarkFrankfurt DEBenny Pedersen-Unpublished-300IBN,, XA, MO, CM, U, NPK, NEC
38Region23Frankfurt DEBenny Pedersen-Unpublished-300IBN,, XA, MO, CM
150The KOFO BBSBroendby DKGert Andersen-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN,
152The Kofo System II BBSBroendby DKGert Andersen-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN, IFT, ITN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region24GermanyRC GermanyTorsten Bamberg49-40-986703089600CM, XA, VFC, V34, X75, IMI, IUC, U, ENC
901R24 Backbone Ring-0AltenholzChristian von Busse49-431-3288765300CM, XA, X75, V110L, V110H
902R24 Backbone Ring-0BambergHarald Kamm49-951-215549600XX, CM, VFC, V32T, H16, X2C, X75
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Host240Host NordnetzHamburgTorsten Bamberg49-40-986703089600CM, XA, VFC, V34, H16, X75, IBN,, U, ENC, NC
77MonoboxMoerfelden-WalldorfKai Richter-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
420datenklinik.selfhost.coBerlinWolfgang Gramm-Unpublished-9600MO, IBN,
Hub2100Kruemel Boks!BoeblingenChristian von Busse-Unpublished-300IBN, CM, XA,, U, ENC
2120R.D.SGueterslohRalf Wimmelbuecker49-5250-9956339600CM, XA, V32B, V42B, X75
2188Kruemel Boks!BoeblingenChristian von Busse-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN,, U, ENC, CDP
Pvt2189binkd.kruemel.orgBoeblingenChristian von Busse-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO,, IBN, IFT, U, ENC, CDP
Pvt2198outpost.kruemel.orgAltenholzChristian von Busse-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN, IFT, U, ENC, CDP
2199Kruemel Boks! NorthAltenholzChristian von Busse49-431-32929299600CM, XA, H16, V32T, X2S, V90S, X75, V110L, V110H, V120L, V120H, U, ENC
3025RAKOBPolchRalf Hoerner49-2654-8809857300XA, X75, MO, LO
Hub4000NordNetz Hub 4000GrossenaspeOlav Rogall49-4327-2054619600CM, XA, IBN
Pvt4014bagge.dyndns.orgHenstedt-UlzburgArved Baggendorf-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN
4030HOLO-BBS IHohenlockstedtKuno Kunhardt49-4826-39419600CM, XA, MO, V34
4031HOLO-BBS II *ISDN*HohenlockstedtKuno Kunhardt49-4826-850123300CM, XA, MO, V110H, X75
4032HOLO-BBS III *ISDN*HohenlockstedtKuno Kunhardt49-4826-850122300CM, XA, MO, V110H, X75
Pvt4037olav.selfhost.euGrossenaspeOlav Rogall-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN
Pvt4038olav.selfhost.euGrossenaspeOlav Rogall-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN
Pvt4099olav.selfhost.euGrossenaspeOlav Rogall-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN
Pvt5138olav.selfhost.euGrossenaspeOlav Rogall-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN
Hub5700HUB HamburgHamburgTorsten Bamberg49-40-986703089600CM, XA, V34, VFC, H16, IBN,, U, ENC, CDP
5411FunToPiaPotsdamStephan Gebbers-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
5234BlueSkyBBSKaltenkirchenChristian Jacob-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
Pvt5249Spandau BBSBerlinAndreas Wollitz-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, INA:
5824Imzadi BBSKarlsruheAnna Christina Nass-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,, PING
5832DatenBahn BBS 1HamburgTorsten Bamberg49-40-986703079600CM, XA, VFC, V34, H16, IBN,, U, ENC, CDP
5833DatenBahn BBS 2HamburgTorsten Bamberg49-40-98670308300CM, XA, X75, IBN,, U, ENC, CDP
5834DatenBahn BBS 3HamburgTorsten Bamberg49-40-98670307300CM, XA, IBN,, U, ENC, CDP
5853KuehlboxRanstadtPhilipp Giebel-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN, ITN,
5890Herbies BBS IIWeil am RheinThorsten Herb-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN, ITN,
6309Shadow CornerLuebeckJoachim Probst-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN, ITN,
Hub1200Hub SuedBad UeberkingenUlrich Schroeter49-7331-98610429600CM, XA, MO, IBN,, V32B, V42B, U, ENC, CDP MuenderGerrit Kuehn-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
1120AMBROSIA60.dd-dns.deBad UeberkingenUlrich Schroeter49-7331-98610429600CM, XA, MO,, IBN, V32B, V42B, PING, U, RPK, NPK, ENC, CDP
1181ROEDELHEIM 1OberhausenJuergen Wolpers49-208-635391299600CM, XA, V34
1183roedeldns.dyndns.orgOberhausenJuergen Wolpers-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN, IUC,
1254sirius.dynvpn.deFrankfurtHarald Wuensch-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN
1512The.Geek2-Grotto.deNeu-IsenburgHiro Dudani49-6102-3207039600CM, MO, XA, V90C, X2C, X75, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, U, ENC
1634pbbbs.pill-box.deOstheimHugo Andriessen-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
4075Ninive BBSPegnitzHarald Grosch-Unpublished-300CM, XX, MO, IBN,
8001BlackICE BBSDuesseldorfVitus Zeel-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
1895BashBoxDuesseldorfNiels Haedecke-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
8002WintermuteDuesseldorfNiels Haedecke-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
80044-U BBSDuesseldorfVitus Zeel-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
8005anybox-synchronetKoelln-ReisiekAndreas Peters-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
Hub9000Hub OL HBOldenburgBernhard Thoben49-441-98499799600CM, XA, V34, U, ENC
9190Berni's BoxOldenburgBernhard Thoben49-441-98499799600CM, XA, V34, U, ENC
9191Berni's BoxOldenburgBernhard Thoben-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
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Host246binkd.kleinmann-haigerloch.deGermanyArmin Kleinmann-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, U, NC, NPK
Hub2000binkd.kleinmann-haigerloch.deHaigerlochArmin Kleinmann-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177
Down1020joschi1.nsupdate.infoStuttgartJochen Weihgold49-711-13869279600CM, XA, MO, V34, X75, IBN, U, ENC
Down1305wieslauf.sub.deRudersbergEmil Schuster-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, IFC
2027binkd.kleinmann-haigerloch.deHaigerlochArmin Kleinmann-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host2432Ostwestfalen-Lippe-NetEnger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink49-5224-7904479600CM, MN, XA, V34, VFC, V32T, H16, V110H, U, NC, NEC, NPK
Hub300HUB 2432/300Enger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink49-5224-7904479600CM, MN, XA, V34, VFC, V32T, H16, V110H
Pvt307Duenner-BoxBuendeMichael Taenzer-Unpublished-9600CM, XX, MO, V32B, H16, V34
Pvt318DREAMWEB.BBSWolfsburgMike Borrmann-Unpublished-300XX, X75
Pvt327MicHerfordMareile Bender-Unpublished-300MO, X75
Pvt333salze.dyns.cxHerfordStefan Sarzio-Unpublished-300MO, IBN
Pvt337the quod (x75/v34)Halle/SaaleDaniel Hahler-Unpublished-9600XA, V34, VFC, X75
344graybeast.linkpc.netBorgholzhausenJuergen Peters-Unpublished-300CM, XX, MO, IBN:24555, ITN, IFC
348graybeast.linkpc.netBorgholzhausenJuergen Peters-Unpublished-300CM, XX, MO, IBN:24555, ITN, IFC
349graybeast.dyns.cxBorgholzhausenJuergen Peters-Unpublished-300CM, XX, MO, IBN
Pvt356POWERBOX IHerfordSteve Simpson-Unpublished-300CM, XA, X75
Pvt357POWERBOX IIHerfordSteve Simpson-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, V32B
360DANCE-SYSTEM IHennefMaik Schaefers49-2248-90982489600CM, XA, V32B, V90C, X2C, X75
361DANCE-SYSTEM IIHennefMaik Schaefers49-2248-9098249300CM, XA, X75
362DANCE-SYSTEM IIIHennefMaik Schaefers49-2248-90982459600CM, XA, Z19, V90S, X75, V120H, V110H
Pvt363dance-system.dyndns.orgHennefMaik Schaefers-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN
370HANSERostockMichael Behrens49-381-68658179600CM, XA, V34, VFC
371HANSERostockMichael Behrens49-381-6865817300CM, XA, X75
390OWL-Server (Ringdown)Enger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink49-5224-7904479600CM, MN, XA, V34, VFC, V32T, H16, V110H
391OWL-Server (Ringdown)Enger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink49-5224-7904409600CM, MN, XA, Z19, V110H
392OWL-Server (X2&V90)Enger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink49-5224-7904119600CM, MN, XA, VFC, V32T, H16, V90S, X2S, V120H, V110H
393OWL-Server (ZyX&V90)Enger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink49-5224-7904389600CM, MN, XA, Z19, V90S, V120H, V110H
Pvt394ftn.owlserver.deEnger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink-Unpublished-300CM, MN, XA, ITN, IVM,
Pvt395binkd.owlserver.deEnger/Westf.Stephan Heitbrink-Unpublished-300CM, MN, XW, MO, IBN,
Pvt200pbbs.darktech.orgPorta WestfalicaSven Dueker-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX, PING, IBN,, IMI, IUC
Pvt900T-BBSLippstadtTorsten Wenck-Unpublished-300X75, IBN
920binkd.darkwhole.deHerfordThomas Freitag49-5221-996752300CM, MO, XX, X75, PING, IBN,, IMI, IUC
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Host2448Ruhr-WestGelsenkirchenOliver Rapp49-209-381439600CM, XA, V34, V42B, X75,, IBN, U, NEC
1021BLUP BBSGelsenkirchenOliver Rapp49-209-381439600CM, XA, V34, V42B, X75,, IBN, PING, U, NC, ENC
200Gero's-CastleEssenGero Dirk Lachner49-201-28068569600CM, MO, V34, Z19, XA, V110H, X75,, IBN, U, ENC*Gero's-Castle-IP*Gero Dirk Lachner-Unpublished-300MO, XA, IBN, U, ENC
823TupelWuppertalJuergen Loh49-202-24235519600XA, CM, MN, V32B, V42B, X75,, IBN, U, ENC
Down600SchnickSchnack BBSBochumArmin Schaefer49-234-96203189600CM, XA, V32B, V42B, V34, X75,, IBN
Down614schnickschnack.spdns.deBochumArmin Schaefer49-234-96203189600CM, MO, V90S, Z19, X75, IBN
Down615SchnickSchnack BBSBochumArmin Schaefer49-234-96203189600CM, XA, V32B, V42B, V34, X75,, IBN
Hub3000fido.second.deEssenRainer Boesner49-201-303026300CM, XA, V110H, X75, ITN, IBN, IFC,, U, ENC
30UUCP Gateway Second SystemEssenRainer Boesner49-201-303026300XA, CM, V110H, X75,, GUUCP
300SECOND SYSTEM LINE 1+2(ISDN)EssenRainer Boesner49-201-303026300CM, XA, V110H, X75,
Hub4000HUB WALTROPGrevenTobias Burchhardt-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177
400WayForward BBS * FastEcho HQGrevenTobias Burchhardt-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177
401fido.softeq.orgGrevenTobias Burchhardt-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177
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Host2452Host-Altiplex-AachenMerzenichDieter Schauf-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
202strickeranderl.orgFurth im WaldKarl Vogl-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
250DoeneMerzenichDieter Schauf-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, NPK, ENC, NC
280LucyMerzenichDieter Schauf-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN:24556,
285DudiddelMerzenichDieter Schauf-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN:24558,
290WueppelMerzenichDoris Schauf-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN:24555,
413AmigaXessGeorgsmarienhuetteIngo Juergensmann49-5401-4600949600CM, XW, ZYX, IBN,
502scara2PrienLudwig Bernhartzeder-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host2454Temp Host 2454DaunJoerg Stadelhoff-Unpublished-300IBN, CM,
2NEC MR-NetzDaunJoerg Stadelhoff-Unpublished-300IBN, CM,
119Prometheus SystemsDaunJoerg Stadelhoff-Unpublished-300IBN, CM,
919binkd.prometheus-home.deDaunJoerg Stadelhoff-Unpublished-300IBN, CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host2490Franken NetworkBambergHarald Kamm49-951-215549600XX, CM, VFC, V32T, H16, X2C, X75
1NC 2490BambergHarald Kamm49-951-215549600XX, CM, VFC, V32T, H16, X2C, X75
2NEC 2490BambergHarald Kamm49-951-215549600XX, CM, VFC, V32T, H16, X2C, X75
Hub1500HUB BambergBambergHarald Kamm-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IVM, IFT
1536bbs.realcomputing.orgSernowMarkus Maussner-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IVM, IFT
Hub3000HUB BambergBambergHarald Kamm49-951-215549600XX, CM, VFC, V32T, H16, X2C, X75
3045Cyberia/2BambergHarald Kamm49-951-215549600XX, CM, VFC, V32T, H16, X2C, X75
3046Cyberia/2BambergHarald Kamm-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IVM, IFT
Pvt3050srv1.nrw1de.ksit.deLeichlingenKarlheinz Schmidthaus-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IVM, IFT
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Region25United Kingdom & IrelandUnited Kingdom & IrelandVince Coen-Unpublished-300XA, CM, IBN, IFT,, U, REC
21ElistMaintUnited Kingdom & IrelandVince Coen-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN, IFT,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host250British NetUnited Kingdom & IrelandVince Coen-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN, IFT,
1Air ApplewoodHatfield HertfordshireVince Coen-Unpublished-300XA, CM, IUC, IFC, IFT, ITN, IBN,, U, SDS, REC, ENC
2The Killing GroundWrexhamNeil Williams-Unpublished-300MO, XX, IUC, IBN,
3Magnum BBSHuddersfieldKeyop Troy-Unpublished-300XA, CM, IBN,
4Unicyber BBSHitchin HertfordshireGonzalo Ordas-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN, ITN, IVM,
5The Quantum WormholeRamsgate KentChristian Sacks-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
6Taliadon BBSBeddau South WalesLee Westlake-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
7TFSILondonNick Young-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
8Sonic BBSBeverley E.YorkshireLouis Northmore-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
10Air Applewood-Parallel-Backup-When-NeededHatfield HertfordshireVince Coen-Unpublished-300XA, CM, IUC, IFC, IFT, ITN, IBN,, U, SDS, REC, ENC
25pavelreich.orgLondonPavel Reich-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host263Ireland NetHatfield Hertfordshire UKVince Coen-Unpublished-300XA, IBN, ICM, IFT,
1TCOB1Connemara EIRESean Rima-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN,
5The Alien Mindbenders BBSRochfortbridge EIREMartin List-Petersen353-44-9224340300CM, XX, Z19, V90S, V120H, X75, ITN, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region28NederlandNLMichiel van der Vlist-Unpublished-300MN, MO, CM, XW,,, PING, TRACE, U, ENC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host280Nederland(253)HeerhugowaardKees van Eeten-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, U, ENC
464FMail DEV fka AOBLLisseWilfred van Velzen-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, PING, TRACE, U, ENC
1049The CoastNLSimon Voortman-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA,
1203RandstadNLFrank de Bruijn-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
1208UniCornArnhemHenri Derksen-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, U, ENC
2000AlcatrashApeldoornMichael Trip-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
2030Westland BBSPoeldijkMartien Korenblom-Unpublished-300CM,
2040Magic SystemsKatwijkLeo Barnhoorn-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
5003Double DutchHeerhugowaardKees van Eeten-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, U, ENC
5006Raspberry FidoHeerhugowaardKees van Eeten-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, INO4, U, ENC
5555Nieuw SchnoordDriebergenMichiel van der Vlist-Unpublished-300MN, CM, MO, XW,,, PING, TRACE, U, ENC, RPK, NPK, NC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region29BelgiumLierTom De Puysseleyr-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, PING
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host291West-FlandersKoksijdeBart Verhaeghe-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFC, U, ENC
Hub100West-Flemish-HubKoksijdeBart Verhaeghe-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFC, U, ENC
1NC291KoksijdeBart Verhaeghe-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFC, U, ENC, NC
111CL FidonodeBruggeChristoph Lowagie-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFC, U, ENC, NPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host292BelgieLennikNiels Joncheere-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN
789The Millennium BBSLennikNiels Joncheere-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, U, RPK, NPK
Hub80Hub 80 (287)BelgieWard Dossche-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFT, IMI, PING, U, ENC
854Many-Glacier (287)MortselWard Dossche-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, IFT, IMI, PING, U, ENC
Pvt140AfterShock Beta Test SiteLeuvenRudi Timmermans-Unpublished-300
Pvt1111Top of the WorldMortselWard Dossche-Unpublished-300
8125BrainDeath BBSLierTom De Puysseleyr-Unpublished-300CM, MO,, IBN, PING
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Region30SwitzerlandThurgauMatthias Hertzog-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host301SwitzerlandThurgauMatthias Hertzog-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, IBN
1Backbone SwitzerlandThurgauMatthias Hertzog-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, IBN
101MHS SystemsThurgauMatthias Hertzog-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW,, IBN
113swissIRC BBSAarauAlisha Manuela Stutz-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN:24555
123USS FerminatorUnteraegeriFermin Sanchez-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN, PING, TRACE
221Three-Lands-BBSMuenchensteinRolf Wilhelm-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN
812KEKSBoxNeuenhofBenoit Panizzon-Unpublished-300CM, XW,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host303SwitzerlandZuerichVladimir Hrusca-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, IFC,,, MO, U, SMH
Pvt1TraxessZuerichVladarg Delsat-Unpublished-300U, MOB
Pvt2OITC EOpfikonOlena Hrusca-Unpublished-300U, MOB
Pvt3MausiNetOpfikonAnna-Maria Hrusca-Unpublished-300U, MOB
Pvt4ElmingZuerichEugene Bolshakoff-Unpublished-300U, MOB
Pvt5SGGZuerichVladimir Belyaev-Unpublished-300U, MOB
558OITCZuerichVladimir Hrusca-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, IFC,,, MO, U, SMH
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Region31Region AustriaAHelmut Renner43-2282-794729600XA, CM, V34, H16, V32T, VFC, IBN,, V110L, V110H, X75
2DonHelmi's DatendienstAHelmut Renner43-2282-794729600XA, CM, V34, H16, V32T, VFC, IBN,, V110L, V110H, X75
123Silent ChatGrossweikersdorf AMichael Mrak-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW, IBN,, U, ENC
124Silent ChatGrossweikersdorf AMichael Mrak-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW, IBN:24555,, U, ENC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host310Vienna NetVienna AHelmut Renner43-2282-794729600XA, CM, V34, H16, V32T, VFC, IBN,, V110L, V110H, X75
31fido.ricsi.priv.atVienna ARichard Menedetter-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XW, IBN,, U, ENC
999VIENNA-MATRIXVienna AAlexander Payer43-1-9221559300CM, XA, V90C, IBN, ITN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host313Lower-Austria NetGaenserndorf AHelmut Renner43-2282-794729600XA, CM, V34, H16, V32T, VFC, IBN,, V110L, V110H, X75
41DonHelmi's DatendienstGaenserndorf AHelmut Renner43-2282-794729600XA, CM, V34, H16, V32T, VFC, IBN,, V110L, V110H, X75, U, REC, RPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region33ItalyIFabio Bizzi-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN, PING,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host331Nord ItaliaMilanoFabio Bizzi-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN, PING,
51bbs.bofh.itMilanoMarco d'Itri-Unpublished-300ICM, XA, MO, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177, U, ENC
313Nightmare BBSMilanoAlessandro Trebbi-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host333Triveneto ITVeronaThomas Bampi-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
808VeleNo BBsVeronaThomas Bampi-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host335Italia Centro SudRomaFabio Bizzi-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN, PING,
1Fido PzPotenzaGiorgio Rutigliano39-0971-17469819600CM, XA, V32B, V34, V42B, IBN,
206MaxBBSSalernoFelice Murolo-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
364Mimac RebirthRomaFabio Bizzi-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN, PING,, U, RPK, NPK, REC, NEC
370ITBNETRomaPasquale Monti-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region34SpainSpainAngel Ripoll-Unpublished-300CM, PING, IBN, ITN, IVM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host341Castilla CentroMadridAngel Ripoll-Unpublished-300CM, PING, TRACE,, IBN, IFT
Pvt4Zruspa's BBS IIMadridAngel Ripoll-Unpublished-300
66Zruspa's BBSMadridAngel Ripoll-Unpublished-300CM, PING, TRACE, IBN, ITN, IFT,, U, RPK
111HispaMSX BBSMadridCarlos Milan Figueredo-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, ITN, IFT,
200Zruspa's BBS SynchronetMadridAngel Ripoll-Unpublished-300CM, PING,, IBN:24555, ITN, IFT
Hold202Vampire BBSMadridAntonio Hernandez Lopez-Unpublished-300IBN, ITN, IVM,
203Bits Lair BBSMadridYeray Arroitajauregui-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, ITN, IVM,
206SotanoMSX BBSIbizaJose Antonio Diaz Aguado-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, ITN, IFT,
234cyberiadaSant Joan d'AlacantCarlos Navarro-Unpublished-300CM, MO, PING,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host343Xarxa CatalanaCatalunyaEnric Lleal Serra-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, ITN, IFT,
107fido.beholderbbs.orgBadalonaEnric Lleal Serra-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC, ITN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region40IsraelILAvshalom Donskoi-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host400Medinat IsraelILAvshalom Donskoi-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,,
55Nepilim BBSTel-AvivDavid Abutbul-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hold333Zero Point Station #3NetanyaWadim A. Sigalov-Unpublished-300MO, CM,
419Givatayim StationGivatayimPavel Ferencz-Unpublished-300CM,
2992ADHaifaAvshalom Donskoi-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,,
Hub814Gurman IP StationBat-YamRoman Gurevitch-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
Pvt813Gurman StationBat-YamRoman Gurevitch-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region41GreeceGRPetros Argyrakis-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host410Hellas NetGRPetros Argyrakis-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX,, IBN
9VM/SPThessalonikiPetros Argyrakis-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX,, IBN
303The Music AceAmaliadaChristos Athanasopoulos-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region42Czech Republic and SlovakiaCZ SKViktor Cizek420-5492114949600XX, MO, CM, V32T, H16, X2S, V90S, X75, V110H, V110L, V120H, V120L, IFC, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host420Prague NetPrahaRobin Karel Popper420-2673131509600XA, CM, H16, IVM:
33POPPER Univerzal BBSPrahaRobin Karel Popper420-2673131509600XA, CM, H16, IVM:
333POPPER Univerzal BBSPrahaRobin Karel Popper-Unpublished-9600XA, CM, MO, IVM:
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host421Morava NetBrnoViktor Cizek420-5492114949600XX, MO, CM, V32T, H16, X2S, V90S, X75, V110H, V110L, V120H, V120L, IFC, IBN, ITN:2030,
Hub79M19BrnoViktor Cizek420-5492114949600XX, MO, CM, V32T, H16, X2S, V90S, X75, V110H, V110L, V120H, V120L, IFC, IBN, ITN:2030,, U, NC
21Monty's Dept.BrnoStepan Gabriel-Unpublished-300XX, MO, CM, IFC, IBN,
790M19BrnoViktor Cizek420-5492119609600XX, MO, CM, V32T, H16, X2C, V90C, IFC, IBN, ITN:2030,, U, NC
83Nightside of EdenBrnoTomas Nehybka-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177,
84Texxar LabsBrnoMartin Suchomel420-5333383689600XX, MO, CM, V32T, H16, X2S, V90S, X75, V110H, V110L, V120H, V120L, IFC, IBN,
840Texxar LabsBrnoMartin Suchomel-Unpublished-300XX, MO, CM, IFC, IBN,
7901M19 GSM1BrnoViktor Cizek420-7253348219600XX, MO, CM, V110L, IFC, IBN, ITN:2030,, U, NC
7902M19 GSM2BrnoViktor Cizek420-7247624689600XX, MO, CM, V34, IFC, IBN, ITN:2030,, U, NC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host423Czech NETChrudimMartin Arnost420-469-6385289600XA, CM, H16, V32T, V34, VFC
Hub36QA Software BBSChrudimMartin Arnost420-469-6385289600XA, CM, H16, V32T, V34, VFC
Down112Vampire BBSMlada BoleslavDavor Siklic420-326-7236329600V32B, V42B, XA, CM
Hub81GURUPrahaMilos, IBN, IFC, ITN:2030, IVM, V110L, V110H, V120L, V120H, X75, V90S, X2S, VFC, V32T, H16, XX, CM, U, NEC, REC
39Plast DATATachovKarel Kral-Unpublished-300XW, MO, CM, IBN,, PING
41First West BBSMarianske LazneJaromir Zachata-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, ITN:6400,
Pvt80fido.bajer.czPrahaMilos Bajer-Unpublished-300MO
120Aleco Experience BBSPrahaMartin Ruzicka420-2223601999600V34, VFC, V32, V42B, CM, XX, IFC, IBN,
121PinkolinovTlucnaJan Pinkas-Unpublished-300CM, XX, IBN, ITN:6400,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region45BelarusMogilevAlexey Korotkov375-222-6348949600CM, V90C, V42B, IBN, INA:,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host450Sub ZeroMinskMitry Matyushkov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC,
Pvt68Gold Fox BBSMinskAliaksandr Ilyin-Unpublished-9600MO
102X-Files SystemMinskAlex Blagoveschensky-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC,
Pvt146The LazyEst Mail StMinskAliaksandr Dzeshchanka-Unpublished-9600ZYX, XX
1024Sub ZeroMinskMitry Matyushkov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4500f1.n4500.z2.fidonet.byMinskEvgeniy Kozhuhovskiy-Unpublished-9600CM, MO, IBN,
1f1.n4500.z2.fidonet.byMinskEvgeniy Kozhuhovskiy-Unpublished-9600CM, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host451Grodno NetMogilev BelarusAlexey Korotkov375-222-6348949600CM, V90C, V42B, IBN, INA:,
Down30Smoke On The WaterMinskVictor Pashkevich-Unpublished-9600CM, MO, IBN,
Pvt31Val's StationGrodnoValera Kolesnik-Unpublished-300IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host452Gomel NetMogilev BelarusAlexey Korotkov375-222-6348949600CM, V90C, V42B, IBN, INA:
Pvt28FractalGomelAnatoly Ewseenko-Unpublished-300MO
Pvt166KozhedubLandGomelOleg Kozhedub-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host453Novopolotsk NetMogilev BelarusAlexey Korotkov375-222-6348949600CM, V90C, V42B, IBN, INA:
Pvt19Crazy RockerNovopolotskNikolay Staver-Unpublished-9600MO, V34, H16, IBN, U, NEC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host455Mogilev NetMogilev BelarusAlexey Korotkov375-222-6348949600CM, V90C, V42B, IBN, INA:,
19UnnamedMogilevAlexey Korotkov375-222-6348949600CM, V90C, V42B, IBN, INA:,, U, NPK, RPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region46Ukraine and Moldova[288]Nikolaev UkraineYury Roschupkin380-512-3744729600V42B, IBN, IFC, XX, MO, ICM,, TSG, U,
12Silver GhostDonetskDmitriy Lyalyuev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN,
42PRGStationKramatorskVladimir Fursov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, INA:, THP
49EEStationTallinn EstoniaHenri Laan-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
128R46 Fidonet<->UUCP gateKiev UkrainePavel Gulchouck-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, GUUCP
200R46 Pointlist KeeperKiev UkraineDmitriy Polyakov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, XX, PING, U, RPK
5555XStationDnieprOleg Pevzner-Unpublished-300MO, LO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host460Crimea NetCrimeaStas Mishchenkov7-3652-51763833600CM, MO, V34, HST, IBN,, PING
Pvt16Aelita StationSimferopol RussiaVlad Shvedovich-Unpublished-33600XA, V32B, V42B
Hold25Legion BBSAlupka Cremeajura bogoyavlensky-Unpublished-300U, MOB
58Lame Users BreedingSimferopol CrimeaStas Mishchenkov7-3652-51763833600CM, V34, HST, IBN,, PING, U, NPK, ENC
73LostStationKiev UkraineEugen Harchenko-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, ICM,
Pvt256Fido by Telegram BBSSimferopol CrimeaStas Mishchenkov-Unpublished-300MO
Hold777188.17.156.216Krasnokamsk RussiaYaroslav Primenko-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN,
1124SevasSevastopol CrimeaIgor Vinogradoff-Unpublished-9600CM, XA, IBN,, U, ENC
5858For Technical PurposesSimferopol CrimeaBrother Rabbit-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, INO4
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4600Sebastopol NetSebastopol CrimeaEugene Glotov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN,
Pvt1Glotych System/2Sebastopol CrimeaEugene Glotov-Unpublished-300MO
140White-Eagle SystemSebastopol CrimeaEugene Glotov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN,, U, NEC, NPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host461Kharkov NetKharkovJeff MacLoue380-57-70753339600CM, MO, MN, IBN
Hold2Anya LoverKharkovVadim Vasilenko380-57-34351729600V32B, V42B, XX, TWE
73Old CookKharkovVadim Marcus380-57-34039079600V32B, V42B, MO, TUF
Down76NightWareKharkovVlad Bakaev380-57-71740209600V32, V42B, XA, TWe
79MaverickKharkovDmitry Liman-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC, PING,
88The ThingKharkovAnton Serenko380-57-77302199600V32, V42B, XX, MO
Hold10683.117.241.231KharkovVladimir Lazarenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN
116Star SystemKharkovVladislav Vasilenko380-572-9725329600V32B, TWE
122SparkNet NodeKharkovSlava Chernov380-57-34338579600V32B, MO, XA, TWE
136GreekKharkovMaxim Golovashevich380-57-33622179600V32B, V42B, XX, TAF
1024PI StationKharkovAlexander Grinevich380-57-71253109600V32B, V42B, CM, XX, IBN
Hold1100AlcarinqueKharkovMihail Levandowsky380-57-72425759600V32B, V42B, XX, TUg
Hub43f43.n461.z2.fidonet.netKharkovJeff MacLoue380-57-70753339600CM, MO, MN, IBN
125GVKharkovRoman Tyzhnenko380-57-74123939600V32B, V42B, VFC, XX, TSG
169MustDie'98KharkovJeff MacLoue380-57-70064122400XA, MO, IBN,, U, NC
800GeoEngineerKharkovOleg Tsebenko380-57-717539333600V34, MO, MN, TTF
1148Diamond StationKharkovEugene Belogurov380-572-92703614400V32B, TWE
1313Technojoke division PostofficeKharkovIvan A Ufimtsev380-572-65024833600HST, VFC, V32T, V34, V42B, MO, LO, Txe
Hub48Big Worm stationKharkovMaxim Beloivanenko380-57-715341928800ICM, V34, V32B, IBN, IFC, TUF, U, NPK
299TAG McLaren TeamKharkovVadim Pudovkin380-57-714044633600V34, V32B, V42B, XA, MO, TVX
Hub58FaxStuffKharkovOleg Kapustenko380-57-75199309600V32B, V42B, V34, MO, LO, TRF
9ENTERKharkovLeonid Mehanikov380-57-70603159600V32B, V42B, MO, LO, XA, TUF
66Click-ClackKharkovVadim Yavorovich380-572-9386419600V32B, V42B, XA, TWF
141Oleg NadtochyKharkovOleg Kapustenko380-57-71416419600V32B, V42B, MO, XA, TSF
777StivKharkovIgor Stezenko380-57-71496879600V32B, V42B, MO, LO, Tce
Hub145Uni.Com.UAKharkovAlex Seluyanov-Unpublished-300MO, XA, IFC, IBN, CM
Pvt7minya.mine.nuKharkivMinas Narazyan-Unpublished-300MO, IFC, TSe
32xL StationKharkovAlexander Gerasimov380-57-337945633600V42B, V32B, V34, XA, TUF
67f67.n461.z2.fidonet.netKharkovIgor Evdokimov-Unpublished-9600CM, MO, IBN
112ES Mail SystemKharkovEugene Sodin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
144Alex44.Uni.Com.UAKharkovAlex Seluyanov-Unpublished-33600V34, MO, IFC, IBN, CM
207Shadow StationKharkovAnatoly Balanovsky380-57-74593449600V34, V42B, XA, TVF
416The Plain Vanilla BBSKharkovSergey Goudzenko380-57-70504489600V32B, V42B, LO, XX, TUF
Hub444Black Star MSKharkovAlex Krasnyansky380-57-759961833600V34, V42B, IBN, IFC, MO, LO, MN, CM
16LRnIKharkovRoman Litvinov380-572-5230349600V42B, XA, TVE
68Jne StationKharkovEugene Bludov380-572-6815349600V32B, V42B, XA, TVG
69JuzyKharkovSergiy Frolov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
117Little MermaidKharkovEugene Borisovets380-66-13458539600V32B, V42B, V34, MO, XA
Pvt132Intellect GroupKharkovVitaly Polikarpov-Unpublished-300MO, LO
155Fit StationKharkovAlexey Korop-Unpublished-300CM, IBN:443,
230Damage IncKharkovRoman Gorbunov380-572-63082733600V34, MO, XA, Tde
333Manastyr StationKharkovSergey Sosnovsky380-572-9290329600V32B, V42B, MO, XA, TWF
430GronoKharkovYurik Goncharenko380-572-6892829600V32, V34, V42B, XA, TWF
435f435.n461.z2.fidonet.netKharkovAlex Krasnyansky380-57-732933333600V34, V42B, IBN, IFC, ICM, MN,
512Space ShuttleMerefaMichael Antonov380-57-748321933600V34, V32B, V42B, XX, TVB
520SVix SystemKharkovVictor Seredenko380-572-51288733600V90C, V32B, V42B, TVd
525ChairwarmerKharkovVladimir Epifanov380-57-73283159600V34, V32B, V42B, MO, XX, TWF
605f605.n461.z2.fidonet.netKharkovNickolas Hirgiy-Unpublished-33600MO, LO, CM, IBN
613Panther PillowKharkovAlexander Veprik380-572-97278333600V32B, V34, XX, TVX
2100SolangeKharkovSerge Boshchenko380-57-71019789600V32B, TCE
Hub640f640.n461.z2.fidonet.netIzyumAlex Semenyaka380-5743-285999600V32, MO, MN, IBN, IFC, ITN:60177
13CompASS BBSIzyumOleg Deribas380-5743-242889600V32B, V34, V42B, VFC, XX, TVH
28altor.sytes.netKharkovAlexander Torres-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN
33f33.n461.z2.fidonet.netKharkovAndrey Gerasimov-Unpublished-300CM, IFC, IBN, IVM
474F GroupKharkovStas Filshtinskiy-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
139Rony SystemIzyumRoman Kirilko380-5743-244679600V32B, V34, V42B, VFC, TWF
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4614Sumy NetSumy UkraineVladimir Sklyar-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, IFC
Hub20194.28.52.176Konotop UkraineVladimir Sklyar-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, IFC, INA:
12JZ SumySumy UkraineJan Zalavski-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, INA:
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4616Severodonetsk/Lisitchansk/RubezhnojeSeverodonetskSergey Sryvkin380-6452-367249600CM, MO, V34, VFC
65SibaSeverodonetskSergey Sryvkin380-6452-367249600MO, V34, V42B, TUW, U, NC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4623PrecarpathianIvano-Frankivsk UkraineVictor Kakhnych-Unpublished-9600MO, CM, IBN,
178PrecarpathianIvano-Frankivsk UkraineVictor Kakhnych-Unpublished-9600MO, CM, IBN,, U, NC, NEC, NPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4624Khmelnitsky NetKhmelnitsky UkraineVyacheslav Vovk380-38-2-7653139600ZYX, XX, V34
Hub8Digital FlowerKhmelnitsky UkraineVyacheslav Vovk-Unpublished-300XX, CM, MO,, IBN, IFC, U, NEC
18TAX StationKhmelnitsky UkraineGennadiy Serdjuk380-38-2-7207919600ZYX, XX, MO
34Home StationKhmelnitsky UkraineJhenya Belous380-38-2-7659919600V34, MO, XX
666PlanStationKhmelnitskyVova Dmitrishin-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN, INA:
Hub4624Virtual NetMail HUBKhmelnitsky UkraineVyacheslav Vovk380-38-2-7207059600MO, LO, V34
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host463Ukraine Capital [359]KievAlexander Yakusha-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
532Mobile StationKievTolik Piskov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, IFC, INA:
Pvt587Dark Dragons' CitadelKievShannar de Kassal-Unpublished-300MO, U, NEC
1104Rosa StationKievYuriy Dionizov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC, IFT,
1331Hugayda StationKievAndrei Dzedolik-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
1919Magnum StationKievAlexander Yakusha-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
3232Luna StationKievVitaliy Aksyonov-Unpublished-300IBN,
Hub68Lucky CarrierKievPavel Gulchouck-Unpublished-300IBN,,, MO, XA, CM, PING
407Green HellKievAndrey Elperin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN Shuman380-44-570578033600V90C, V42B, ICM, XX, IBN, IFC, ITN, Tse
Hub94Just The PoohKievSergii Babych-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
Hub2223GraveyarDKievDmitriy Polyakov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, XX, PING, U, NPK
416AtlantidaKievAlexander Pedin380-44-443247619200V32T, V42B, XX, MO, Tvd
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4634ChernigoNetChernigov&BakhmachXander Plaunoff380-4622-5968433600V34, V42, TUF
2LinkBakhmach ChernigovVitaliy Semerenko380-4635-5275533600V90C, V32B, V42B, XX, IP
3Xander25uaChernigovXander Plaunov380-4622-5968433600XX, MO, V34, V42B, TUF, U, NEC, NPK
4Vurd&AX BBSChernigovSergo Stecenko380-462-17451614400XX, V34, IP
Down5BrahMa StationChernigovYaroslav Mudriy380-462-95437114400XX, MO, V34, V42B
Down13Cloud StationChernigovNickolas Olexienko380-4622-2719633600V34, V42B, XX, MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4635Cherkassy NetCherkassy UkraineVitaliy Aksyonov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, U,
32Luna StationCherkassy UkraineVitaliy Aksyonov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, U, NC
69Sexaginta novemCherkassy UkraineEugene Diatlov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4641Zaporozhye NetZaporozhye UAAndy Karimov-Unpublished-300IBN, XX, MO, CM,
222Nicta LabGulaypoleAndy Karimov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN,, U, NC
265Pilot BBSPology UAVlad Lagoda380-6165-2347033600V34, MO, IP, CM
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4642Krivbass NetKriviy Rih UkraineAlexander Gribanov380-564-2803959600XX, MO, V32B, V42B, IBN, TVe
Pvt4KGGMKKriviy RihYuriy Temnyuk-Unpublished-33600V34, V42B, XW, MO,, IMI
7EduNetKriviy RihSergey Semerikov-Unpublished-33600IBN, INA:, PING, TKC, U, ENC, SMH
8Private Problems BBSKriviy RihSergey Paradeev-Unpublished-19200XX, MO, IBN, CM
29Small StationKriviy RihAlexandr Arkhipenko380-564-95251033600XX, MO, V34, V42B, TUd
48VHKriviy RihIgor Urdin-Unpublished-9600CM, MO, IBN
49Programming Group StationKriviy RihAlexander Gribanov380-564-2803959600XX, MO, V32B, V42B, IBN, TVe, U, NC
Pvt92ChronosKriviy RihIgor Smagliuk-Unpublished-9600XW, MO, V32B, V42B
Down1111NIK STATIONKriviy RihNikolay Mikolenko380-564-9070199600XX, MO, V34
Down2213Red MinerKriviy RihAlexander Grinjuk380-564-7409519600XX, CM, V32B, V42B, U, NEC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4647West Donbass NetPavlograd UkraineMike Rumyantsev-Unpublished-9600MO, IBN
13RENIXAPershotravensk UAMike Rumyantsev-Unpublished-9600MO, TTX, IBN,, U, NC, NEC, NPK
Down34PromInvestBankPavlogradIgor Zhuchiy380-5632-441459600V32B, V42B, MO, XA, TVe
Down1959RENIXA-1959Pershotravensk UAMike Rumyantsev-Unpublished-9600V34, V42B
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host466Nikolaev NetNikolaev UkraineYury Roschupkin380-512-3744729600V42B, IBN, IFC, XX, MO, ICM,, TSG
Hub50Ivory PlaceNikolaevYury Roschupkin380-512-3744729600V42B, IBN, IFC, XX, MO, ICM,, TSG
4Snakes LairNikolaevIgor Goroun-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
Pvt5KCICNikolaevMaxim Virshubsky-Unpublished-300MO
Pvt55EquilibriumNikolaevYury Roschupkin-Unpublished-300MO, LO
65AstraNikolaevYuri Protsyuk-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
81FQCNikolaevYuri Chudnovsky-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
Pvt88Pulp FictionsNikolaevBoxa Vasilyev-Unpublished-9600MO, V42B
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host467Spenta ArmaitiOdessaIgor Polischuk-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC,
4RSNET FIDO2 DRUZI 199XOdessa UARuslan Suleimanov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, ITN,
64RndHome Line#2OdessaAlexander Nemchenko380-482-63316233600V34, V32B, V42B, XX, TWE
Pvt69GOLTA BBSOdessaAlexander Banketov-Unpublished-300XX, MO
70Spenta ArmaitiOdessaIgor Polischuk-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC,, U, NEC
Pvt99Miracle SourceOdessaSlavik Gnatenko-Unpublished-300XX, MO
239XoomohOdessaMykhailo Kapitanov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NPK
888RSNET FIDO DRUZI 199XOdessaRuslan Suleimanov380-48-753555533600MO, HST, X2C, V42B, IBN, ITN,, Trg
1313Sly StationOdessaVladimir Kravets-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host469Moldova NetMoldovaDimmy Timchenko373-22-2719829600MO, XA, V34, V42B, IBN, IFC, TEI, U, ENC, SMH
15Dimmy's TationChisinauDimmy Timchenko373-22-2719829600MO, XA, V34, V42B, IBN, TNS, U, ENC, SMH
43HoMo ConnecticusChisinauVictor Korjan373-22-5259399600V34, VFC, V32B, V42B, XA, MO
75LeisureChisinauSergey Semenyuk373-22-2454679600V32B, V42B, CM, MO
76Damage Inc.ChisinauSerg Railyan373-22-7398129600V32B, XA, MO
83KAA WorkChisinauAndrew Kant373-22-5443869600V32B, V42B, CM, MO, XX, IFC
Pvt100ExpressChisinauAndrew Barcari-Unpublished-9600MO, ZYX, XA
106ER1HHChisinauVadim V. Kiisvik373-22-2740209600V34, V42B, MO, TXd
122UnderWorldChisinauSergey Zabolotny-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
136Hyper StationChisinauGennadiy Galmezianov373-22-2232849600MO, XA, V34, V42B, TTd
137Big ManChisinauAndrei Racila373-22-7923359600MO, XA, V34, V42B
147RiscomChisinauAndrei Barcari373-22-2002009600V90S, MO, XA, CM, ISDN
175UNIGLOBALChisinauSergey Semenyuk373-22-7536109600V32B, V42B, MO, TWE
192South MailSystemCahulAlexandr Casianov373-299-247319600XX, MO, V34, V42B, TRu
335Silver DreamChisinauAndrei Mihailov-Unpublished-9600IBN,, CM
418fido.causeni.comKaushanyGregory Motruk373-243-2397733600V34, V42B, MO, XA, IBN,, IUC, U, CDP
Hub142Dragon's NodeTiraspolMaxiM Basunov373-533-620409600MO, CM, XX, V90S, V42B, IFC, IBN, U, NEC
1HunterChisinauPavel Alexey373-22-5002869600V34, MO, XA, TUG
123HardSoftTiraspolAndy Mirkin373-533-727939600V32B, V42B, MO, XX, TTG
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Region48RC PolandPLLukasz Jachowicz-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, ENC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host480Mazovia NetWarsaw PLLukasz Jachowicz-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, ENC
25Top Secret BBSWarszawaLukasz Jachowicz-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, ENC
Hold33HoA/2Warszawarafal wiosna-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
66Go@LABWarszawaMateusz Golab-Unpublished-300
70NEC-REC-i-BUCWarszawamaciej grzeszczuk-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, IFC, U, REC
78Endemic ZoneWarszawaTomasz Andrzej Nidecki-Unpublished-300
Hold124uucp.freebsd.lublin.plLublinPrzemyslaw Frasunek-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
Hold138fido.chmurka.netWarszawaAdam Wysocki-Unpublished-1200CM, MN, V22, IBN, ITN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host484Silesia NetWarsaw PLLukasz Jachowicz-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, ENC
43BroneCk BBSOpoleMarek Bronowicki-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host4800Poland NetWarsaw PLLukasz Jachowicz-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, ENC
1honey at homeWarszawaLukasz Jachowicz-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, ENC
Hold2leafnodeWarszawaLeszek Krupinski-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
Hold7wpkWarszawaWitold Krecicki-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
Hold32MHKI BBSKatowicerobert jakub-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, XA,
42qWarszawarobert jakub-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC, XA,, U, RPK
80Z80WarszawaAdam Nojszewski-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region50RussiaMoscowAlex Barinov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, BEER:all,
1R50ECMoscowAlex Barinov-Unpublished-300MO, MN, CM, IBN,
2R50FECMoscowOleg Blashuck-Unpublished-300XA, CM, IBN,
4Regional Pointlist KeeperStary OscolEvgeny Vetrov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, RPK
6GRF State SystemNew-UrgalPavel Sizykh-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX, IBN,
16Cactus3DOkhaSerge Antoshkin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
18East Forest StationTyumenIvan Batalin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, ENC
72s.system.pvtVladivostokSergey Lazaretov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
101Abrachass StationKrasnodarVladimir Zykov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IMI,
102HoReZ StationKrasnodarDenis Didenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
109DeforestationIrkutskAnatoly Gerasimov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
279ETALAN BBSIrkutskvadim s. sabinich-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
361Avia StationAhtubinskIgor Bovdy-Unpublished-300CM, IFC,
9999R50 HoldMoscowAlex Barinov-Unpublished-300MO,, IMI, ICM
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Host5000West Siberian Net(224)Novosibirsk RussiaOleg Redut-Unpublished-300MO, #20, IBN, ICM,
Pvt10The Court of the Crimson KingNovosibirskEric Fletcher-Unpublished-300MO
14Fox TracksNovosibirskEugene Muzychenko-Unpublished-300ICM,
22f22.n5000.z2.binkp.netAbakanEvgeny Larionov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
28AmxHomeNovosibirsk RussiaSergei Podstrigailo-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
32Twin FatherNovosibirskVictor Cheblukov-Unpublished-300ICM, MO,
63The Walking StationNovosibirskIgor Logvinov-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
Pvt72HELIUMNovosibirskKonstantin Gilyov-Unpublished-300MO
77Qwerty BBSNovosibirsk RussiaIgor Qwerty-Unpublished-300ICM,
83Advance GuardNovosibirskAlexey Petrovich-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
85SuperNovanovosibirskilia chabourov-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,
94IVAnNovosibirskIgor Anohin-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
99Jester's StationNovosibirskDmitry Kazantsev-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
111Byte LtdNovosibirskOleg Redut-Unpublished-300XA, MO, CM, #20, IBN, IFC,, U, NC
133Aragorn StationNovosibirskMikhail Zanger-Unpublished-300U, MOB
151Cluster OneNovosibirskIvan Lebedev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NPK
Hold196pseudoRADIONovosibirskEugene Sharov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
200SHUMWAY SYSTEMSNovosibirskAlexey Shevchenko-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
222Mascot StationNovosibirskKostya Geniatulin-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
283fidoNovosibirskPavel Zhdanov-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
363Nodelist MistakeNovosibirskAlexander Anistratenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
444Pupkin LabsNovosibirskPeter Khanin-Unpublished-300XX, MO, ICM, IFC, IBN:24555,
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Host5001Kuzbass NetKemerovo West Siberia RussiaPasha Zakharov7-384-261-30479600XA, #20, V32B, V42B, TQx
3MicroMagicKemerovoPasha Zakharov7-384-261-30479600MO, XA, V32B, V42B, #20, TQx
74Nail`s StationKemerovoNail Akhmetgaleev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
Hub100PostmortemKemerovoDmitry Protasoff-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
5001fido5001KemerovoDmitry Protasoff-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5003Komi NetVorkutaDen Gusev-Unpublished-300CM, BEER:or not 2 beer, IBN,
16Crazy ProgrammerIntaSergey Potashev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
17Virtual NodeVorkutaDen Gusev-Unpublished-300CM, BEER:Kozel Dark, IBN,
Down47Lion StationVorkutaYuri Kislitsyn-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
74DarkBBSIntaAndrey Semenov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
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Host5005Tomsk NetTomsk RussiaVictor Sudakov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
33Sigma BBSTomskEvgeny Zyatkov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
49UltharTomskVictor Sudakov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
53Seversk BBSTomskSergey Grigoryev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
61Inferno StationTomskPavel Zinoviev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
77pLutoniaTomskValery Lutoshkin-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
82AlltskTomskMaxim Trophimov7-382-27600929600CM, MO, V34, V42B, XA, IBN,
93QWASTomskAlexandr Gotovtsev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
106Razor BBSTomskAlexey Osiyuk-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
149UltharTomskVictor Sudakov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
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Host5006Nkz NetNovokuznetsk RussiaVladimir Kurtukov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IFC, IBN,
Hub1LongLinkNovokuznetskEugene Grosbein-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IFC, IBN, INA:
9DALLASNovokuznetskVladimir Kurtukov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IFC, IBN,
26necrophilieNovokuznetskDenis Suhanov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, INA:
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5010South Ural 20211010Chelyabinsk RussiaDmitriy Smirnov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
224Xeon StationChelyabinskEugeny Karamishev-Unpublished-300CM, ITN:60179,
272ftn.v-as.netChelyabinskOleg Lisovsky-Unpublished-300CM, ITN:24554,
275ecChelyabinskEvgeny Chevtaev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
352f352.sage.suChelyabinskDmitriy Smirnov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NC, NPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5015NiNoNetNizhny Novgorod (xGorky) RussiaDmitry Radishev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
35Rex's LairNizhny NovgorodAlexey Tsaryov-Unpublished-300CM,
42\\dibrisNizhny NovgorodDmitry Radishev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
46NIL BBSNizhny NovgorodNil Alexandrov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
61RooDZ!Soft BBSNizhny NovgorodAnton Poletayev-Unpublished-300CM,
120Yurik StationNizhny NovgorodYuriy Hashev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
147Zevs StationNizhny NovgorodYevgeny Zolotnitsky-Unpublished-300CM,
227ShadowStarNizhny NovgorodAleksey Kuznetsov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
228GmindStationNizhny NovgorodAlexey Lvov-Unpublished-33600CM, MO, IBN,
255Yuniks stationDzerzhinskDmitry Bakhrov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,, U, ENC
8818Forest stationNizhny NovgorodAndrey Volkov-Unpublished-300CM,
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Host5019SkifNetSmolensk RussiaKonstantin Kuzov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC,, PING, U, SMH
Hub40GaNJaNET STaTi0NSmolenskKonstantin Kuzov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC,, PING, U, SMH
400GaNJaNET STaTi0N IISmolenskKonstantin Kuzov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
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Host5020NET Moscow Russia (05/10/2021)Moscow RussiaAndrey Frolov7-498-483-333833600CM, XX, HST, V34, IBN,
Hub101AkfZhukovskyAndrey Frolov7-498-483-3338300MO, CM, HST, V34, IBN, IFC, ITN,, U, NC
222SunGreenMoscowNikolay B Shpilchin-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XA, IBN,
1146MerlinPyatnitsa MODenis Dubodil-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, INA:
2024ChernokozovHQMoscowDmitryi Chernokozov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
2332FelinasMoscowAndrey Ignatov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, ENC
2613NoZDRMoscowRuslan Marchenko7-499-611-32509600XX, MO, CM, IBN,
2880Flipper Mail StationMoscowAlexander Morozov-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
8912Kalach stationGolicinoAleksey Matyuk7-495-597-43009600MO, CM, XX, HST, V32B, V34, V42B
Hub545Gremlin from KremlinMoscowAlexey Vissarionov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, BEER:dark lager, U, ENC
329RoshostingMoscowOleg Lukashin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
736eglLubertsyEgor Glukhov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, BEER:apa
827nk1988MoscowSergey Sapronov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,,
843Piggies HomeMoscowPetr Antonov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
1477m0d3m's stationMoscowDmitriy Sapronov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,,
1960Count Varg DipsyshMoscowSergey Zemsky-Unpublished-300MO, CM,
4441195.24.225.1MoscowYuri Myakotin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
5410-=Autopilot HOST=-VidnoeDmitry Rodin7-495-541-54909600MO, XA, V32T, V42B, TUe
5411-=External System=-MoscowDmitry Rodin7-495-699-67009600MO, XW, V32, V42B
Pvt5545Development snapshotMoscowAlexey Vissarionov-Unpublished-300MO
Hub715New WorldZheleznodorozhnyAlex Barinov-Unpublished-300MO, MN, CM, IBN,, BEER:ipa, U, REC
400Demos PlusMoscowGatekeeper-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN, IFC,
556Diatlo stationMoscowMax Lushnikov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
570AltynMoscowDima Bargamov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, U, NPK
806Elinora StationMoscowSergey Dorozhkin-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN:24554, ITN:60177, IFC:60179,
837Night BBSMoscowKirill Kaplin-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
921Abdulla Tukaew's Mail StationMoscowAndrew Savin-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN:24554,,
932INSMoscowMikhail Stakhanov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
961cemehobMoscowDenis Semenov-Unpublished-300CM,
1200MSX VisionMoscowOleg Blashuck7-495-604-16429600XA, CM, V32T, V34, H16, IBN,
1313fido.stabilis.ruMoscowSergey V. Efimoff-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
1668First EncountersMoscowViktor Nozhnov7-499-173-14949600XA, MN, V34, TUd
2142fido.petrakovsky.ruMoscowVadim Petrakovsky-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
2179CITODellMoscowPavel Rodionov7-495-394-28689600XX, V34, H16, TVE,
2992DVBMoscowVladimir Donskoy-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,,
3452Panzer stationMoscowAndrey Oreshin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
40964k SystemMoscowKirill Rudnev-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
4868InstationMoscowYuriy Kiselyov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
5452New World#2ZheleznodorozhnyAlex Barinov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN:24555,
7486QueenMoscowElizaveta Koroleva-Unpublished-300MO, CM,
9696SDSMoscowAlexander N Skovpen-Unpublished-300XX, ICM, IBN,
11200f11200.metal.ruMoscowOleg Blashuck-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hub1042f1042.ruMoscowMichael Dukelsky-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,,,, PING
113Minas AnorMoscowBoris Paleev-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,,,
620Thunder BirdMoscowRinat Sadretdinow-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, INA:
814MisantropolisLubertsyGregory Leonov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, TAG,
828f828.n5020.z2.binkp.netMoscowKirill Temnenkov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,, U, ENC
830TITANIC Station IPMoscowDenis Nikolaev-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, IFC,
846TopinamburMoscowDenis Chebyshev-Unpublished-300CM,
1067SerZ SoftMoscowSerge Zakharov-Unpublished-300MO, CM,
2038DKsoftMoscowDmitry Kanidev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
2047ae-nest.comMoscowAnton Velichko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, IFC,
2140Pushkins stationMoscowSergey Poziturin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
2141Pushkins F2141MoscowSergey Poziturin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN:24555,
2160VolMoscowVladimir Fonarev7-495-731-44429600MO, V32T, V34, H16, TAb
Pvt4042TestingMoscowMichael Dukelsky-Unpublished-300MO
5480GalaktikaMoscowAnton Barabanov-Unpublished-300MO, LO, CM, IBN,
8086Z80 StationMoscowPavel Osipov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, ICM,
Hub5020FreezerMoscowAlex Barinov-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,,, ITX, IMI
Hub12000FluidVidnoeSergey Dorofeev-Unpublished-300IBN, IFC,
14Hell-holeMoscowSasha Gromov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IMI,
81Conea SoftwareMoscowAndrew Belov7-499-728-52179600XX, V34, V42B
181Micro Hard Master CoMoscowViatcheslav Odintsov7-499-197-97319600XX, MO, LO, V34, VFC, V32T, H16, TWC
614PiratesMoscowSlawa Alexeew-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
730Tri Rublya EnterprisesMoscowDmitry the Zuryanovich-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
848NodeX StationMoscowIvan Agarkov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
1453NetworkMoscowSerge Arhipkin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
1721Gateway of Last ResortMoscowMihail Kabanov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN, Palenock-Unpublished-300XW, MO, MN, LO, CM, PING, IBN, IFC,
2123TeleMOSTMoscowAnton Samsonov7-495-346-14729600XX, MO, V34, V42B, TVF,, IBN, ICM
4040BlackfireMoscowValerij Kozhevnikoff-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5021Tver NetTverDmitry Komissarov-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IFC, IBN,, PING, U, NC
Hub29All-PrivetTverYuri Kosivtsov-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,, U, ENC
Pvt4Programmer's ShelterTver RussiaIlya Elstin-Unpublished-300MO, U, ENC
Pvt19CaveManTverVlad Pluzhnikov-Unpublished-9600XX, MO, V34, V32B, H16
5021Net5021 Netmail GateTverYuri Kosivtsov-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,
Hub46CandlekeepTverDmitry Komissarov-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IFC, IBN,, PING, U, NC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5022Tula NetTula RussiaRoman Trunov-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
2Peak PowerTulaRoman Trunov-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,, U, NPK
Hold32R-StationTulaDmitry Zavalskov7-487-220-54559600XX, V34, H16, V32T, VFC, Tvd
Hold49VentorderanTulaMakc K Petrov-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
77Formula1 StationTulaSerge Zaitsev-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
177pitlineTulaSerge Zaitsev-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
Hold28The Dark EagleTulaVadim Evteev7-487-227-94969600XX, V34, V32B, V42B, TRd
Down68HeavenW00D StationTulaLeonid Kilasoniya7-487-237-83-789600XA, V34, V32B, V42B, IBN, TUd,
145Type 45 HaswellTulaVitaly Orekhov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hold43Alice foreverTulaAlexander Safronov7-487-230-83879600XX, CM, V34, H16, V32T, VFC
Hub128Solaris stationTulaOleg Smirnov-Unpublished-300XX, CM, IBN,
Hold66StrongHoldTulaEugene Gusev7-487-235-64-589600XX, V32B, V42B, TVd
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5023Kaluga NetKalugaIgor Zakharov7-484-2-5617609600V34, CM, LO, XA, IBN,
Hub11ZIV & CoKalugaIgor Zakharov7-484-2-5617609600V34, CM, LO, XA, IBN,
Pvt2Dark HalfKalugaIgor Koltsov-Unpublished-300MO
12T-StationKalugaAlexander Fyodorov-Unpublished-300ICM, IFC, IBN, INA:
19UNIVERSAL PRITEKalugaEvgeny Belichenko7-484-2-5168439600V34, CM, IBN, INA:
24Hobbit StationKalugaDmitri Kamenski7-484-2-5170469600V34, CM, XX, MO, IBN, IFC,,
43Gimet StationKalugaNicolai Naimushin7-484-2-5224249600V32B, V42B, LO, XX, TWe
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5024Vladimir NetVladimir RussiaVictor Smirnov-Unpublished-9600ICM, IBN,
3Shadow bbsVladimirVictor Smirnov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,, U, NC
Pvt12GlobAL VPL HOSTVladimirGrigoriy Lyubishev-Unpublished-9600ZYX, XA
1024NEWLEOVladimirLeonid Novikov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5025Chernozem NetVoronezh RussiaMichailo Bachtin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
75LordVoronezhMichailo Bachtin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
14Default ErrorVoronezhPavel Makarenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,,
121IceLANVoronezhSemen Panevin7-473-221-28059600CM, MO, H16, V32T, VFC, V90C, X2C, XX, IBN, IFC,
Hub2BartHARD BBS(c)VoronezhSergey Bartenev7-473-221-00059600CM, V34, V42B, XW, IBN, IFC, ITN, IVM, ITN:60177,
Hold88M0rdaVoronezhVitaly Didkovsky7-473-239-30779600V32B, V42B, XA, TSE
2275RaveChannelVoronezhVladimir Zabolotsky-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:,
Hub38TV&S NightVoronezhSergei Tuchinski7-473-246-28589600V32T, VFC, V34, V42B, XX, MO, TQd, U, NEC
Hub12FriendVoronezhPetr Grushin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC,, U, NC
150TYAXVoronezhPetr Grushin7-473-255-89789600ZYX, V34, XA, ICM, IBN, IFC,, TWh
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5026Ivanovo NETIvanovo RussiaAlexey Vtorov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
1MicroBug's StationIvanovoMax Grushansky-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hub10Army of loversIvanovoMax Grushansky-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Pvt9Sit'n'OFFIvanovoAndrey Sitnoff-Unpublished-9600V32B, V42B, XA
1515IvanovoAlexandr Strelnikov-Unpublished-300CM, IFC, IBN, INA:
Hub49HardwareBBSIvanovoAlexey Vtorov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
99TwilightFidoIvanovoIvan Levchenko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5027Orel NetOrel RussiaKostya Krivonogov7-486-241-17059600V34, XA, MO
12MS-[GAME]-BBSOrelKostya Krivonogov7-486-241-17059600V34, XA, MO, U, NPK
14MSBBSOrelNick Nozdrunov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5028Yaroslavl NetYaroslavlSergey Lukyanenko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
63YarStTec StationYaroslavlSergey Lukyanenko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5029Ryazan NetRyazanAlexey Bugrov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
9The Power of Music 2RyazanIlya Katargin-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
32AVB Labs BBSRyazanAlexey Bugrov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,, U, NC
55Novel BBSRyazanRoman Balduev7-491-245-12089600XX, V34, V42B, TTc
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5030NorthWest Net (2021-10-15)St.PetersburgAlexey Antonyuk-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, BEER:lager
231HTS-IPSt.PetersburgMichael Likhachev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, LO, IBN,
500UnderconstructionSt.PetersburgSlawa Olhovchenkov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
1103ShuraleSt.PetersburgAlexander A Vorobyov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hold9999New NodeSt.PetersburgNew SysOp-Unpublished-300MO
Hub87Virtual Mobile /2St.PetersburgTony Feldman-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC,
93Russian Daho SupportSt.PetersburgMichael Drozdov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, ENC
1520Fallout StationSt.PetersburgAndrey Geyko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hub115EdgeCitySt.PetersburgAndrey Podkolzin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC,
Hub731s0tPeterhofAlexey Antonyuk-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, BEER:lager, U, NEC
137m0tPeterhofMatvey Antonyuk-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
410Udaw's StationPeterhofDenis Utkin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
431ns4.s0t.ruPeterhofAlexey Antonyuk-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, BEER:lager
931SOtPeterhofDmitry Isotmin-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,, BEER:lager
1000Net Pointlist KeeperSt.PetersburgN5030PK-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, BEER:lager, U, NPK
1410Udaw's Station 2PeterhofDenis Utkin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
3165The Death Of Fire StationSt.PetersburgSerg Podtynnyi-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
Hub920Opera HomeSt.PetersburgEugene Barbashin7-812-326-41119600XX, V32B, V42B, V34, MO, CM, IBN, ITN,
907Equuleus StationSt.PetersburgOleg Ivanilov-Unpublished-300MO, LO, CM, IBN,
Hub1115EdgeCity IISt.PetersburgDmitriy Yermakov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC,
25Dirty DeedsSt.PetersburgNicolas Rodionov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, LO, IBN, INA:
73VRADs FidoNodeSt.PetersburgVladimir Radushevskiy-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
671Install BBSSt.PetersburgKonstantin Rogushin-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,
722Raspberry Pi StationLekhtusiIvan Konyshev-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
827Dark Dragon StationSt.PetersburgIgor Gruzdev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
911Remote VentaSt.PetersburgLeonides Kluev-Unpublished-300CM, LO, IBN,
976Revolting StationSt.PetersburgNikolay Skomorov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, IFC, INA:
1081Crow's nestSt.PetersburgAnton Ryzhkov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
1237Gluck's StationSt.PetersburgAlexander Belousov-Unpublished-300MO, XX, CM, IBN, IFC,
1340KOT MATPOCKuHSt.PetersburgDmitry Afanasiev-Unpublished-300MO, LO, IBN, CM,
1374MEGAnetSt.PetersburgViktor Kudlak-Unpublished-300MO, LO, IBN, CM,
1474Thunder StationSt.PetersburgEvgeny Mikheev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
1499Orbital Cosmic Station MIRSt.PetersburgAlex Gleys-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
1899Kupchino StationSt.PetersburgKonstantin Korolev-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
1997Music StationSt.PetersburgAlexey Fayans-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
2237AB at workSt.PetersburgAlexander Belousov-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
Hub1900D.J. BoaRDSt.PetersburgEugeny Davidov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, XX, IBN,
1243Reanimation StationSt.PetersburgVadim Sorokin-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,
1321Black Cat StationSt.PetersburgMichael Nagibin-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, INA:
1495BEER BAR StationSt.PetersburgAlexander Nazarov7-812-347-32939600V34, V32B, V42, XX, MO, TVE
Hub1957fido.stpeteclub.ruSt.PetersburgAndrey Ostanovsky7-812-640-33929600XX, CM, V32B, V42B, IBN,
74Cat's ShadowSt.PetersburgMichael Skolsky-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, IFC,
257Crankly dadSt.PetersburgVova Uralsky-Unpublished-300CM, MO, LO, IBN,
600Grey bollocksSt.PetersburgPavel Tereshchenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hold777ParmaSoft 2St.PetersburgSerge Koghin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
957AOST StationSt.PetersburgAndrey Ostanovsky-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
1111tochlab bbsSt.PetersburgDmitriy Tochansky-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
1269Piece of Cake StationSt.PetersburgDmitriy Kudriavcev7-812-744-17769600XA, V34, V42B, TVE
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5031Murmansk NetMurmansk RussiaRoman Stepanyants-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
Hold8North Navy BaseMurmanskOleg Mazurenko-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,
21Trantor's MachineMurmanskSergey Kostin-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,
25BBBBsMurmanskAlex Kazankov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NEC
Hold29GjallarhornMurmanskMax Koryakin-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, INA:
43Forester XIII stationMurmanskAnatoly Vesnin-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,
52REACTOR [mail] stationMurmanskRoman Ivanuk-Unpublished-300CM, IMI,
71other2ideMurmanskRoman Stepanyants-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,, U, NC
77G.FREEMANMurmanskArtem Streltsov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
78Black Splash StationMurmanskJaroslav Bespalov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5033Pskov NetPskovSasha Shost-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
1Master John StationPskovEvgeny Fartushny-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
11SWEET LORANEPskovSasha Shost-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:, U, NC
Pvt21TaxServicePskovSergey Golovkin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
39Fancy HousePskovAlexander Grigoryev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:, U, NEC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5034KosNetKostromaVladimir Bobarykin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hub13Last StationKostromaVladimir Bobarykin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NPK
10FUN StationKostromaSergey Anohin-Unpublished-300XW, CM, IBN, INA:
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5035Kursk NetKurskVladimir RamaZanoff-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
63Cleverfox StationKurskVladimir Goncharov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
64Full HouseKurskVladimir RamaZanoff-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
Pvt65Charmed StationKurskSvetlana Sarby-Unpublished-300MO
Pvt69Sim NodeKurskMihail Chesnokov-Unpublished-300MO
Pvt73sfx placeKurskAnton Ziborov-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5036Lipetsk NetLipetsk RussiaSergey Strukov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
2BakenElets RussiaPavel
3Dusty PillarElets RussiaGennadiy Fateev7-474-67-230479600ZYX, XA, CM
4MasterLess WarriorLipetskLeonid
26ZombyGryazi RussiaGennadij
32NoNameLipetsk RussiaStas
33Beer WaveLipetsk RussiaDeN
37--==REACTOR==--Lipetsk RussiaAndrey Hudiakov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
44SSVLipetsk RussiaSergey, U, NC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5037Belgorod NetBelgorod RussiaAlek Mochaloff-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hub28Master Inc StationBelgorodAlek Mochaloff-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
7WayfarerStary OscolEvgeny Vetrov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,, U, NPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5049Tartar NetKazan RussiaMarat Iakoupov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
1Orphan's MemorialKazanIgor Shishkin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
162sniperKazanMarat Iakoupov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:, U, NC
Hub6NT StationKazanNiaz Tavabilov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
Pvt82ApocalipsisKazanMikael Tikhonov-Unpublished-300U, MOB
Pvt87Sunny StationKazanDmitriy Shubin-Unpublished-300U, MOB
167Chelny.OnlineNaberezhnye ChelnyAleksey Kuzin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5050Kama river netIzhevsk RussiaRafis Khayrullin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, MO, MN,
9-=RKhCraft=-IzhevskRafis Khayrullin7-3412-4036479600XX, V32B, V42B, MO, LO, IBN, ICM,, TTD
55March Bunny BBSIzhevskAlexander Soklakov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, MO, MN,, U, NEC, NC, NPK
57-=The Door Into Summer=-IzhevskMichael Mamaev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
151City of a Yellow FishSarapulOleg Gubanov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5053Saratov NetSaratov RussiaAlexander Tsaplin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Hub55TAVSAR Co.Saratov RussiaAlexander Tsaplin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NC, NEC, NPK
42ALT(r) Co.Saratov RussiaAleksey Tolmatsky-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
44System DaemonSaratovNickolay Parfenov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
51CONCORD BBSSaratov RussiaValentin Kuznetsov7-845-296-61209600V34, V42B, TUd
57Behind MirrorSaratov RussiaAleksey Tarasow-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
Hub58AroundFamilyNodeSaratov RussiaAlexander Kruglikov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,, BEER:alcohol-free, PING, TRACE, U, ENC
Hold56Lone Star StationSaratov RussiaOleg Levkin-Unpublished-9600XX, CM, MO, IBN, IFC,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5054West Ural NetPermMax Bagaev-Unpublished-300IBN,
Hub8MAXIOLPermMax Bagayev-Unpublished-300IBN,
3AnriPermAndrey Popov-Unpublished-300IBN,
30ICMM UB RASPermAlexey Masich-Unpublished-300IBN,,
89KeuPermDmitry Kolvakh-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5055Volga River NetVolgogradDenis Lyzhenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
73Last Day StationVolgogradDenis Lyzhenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
55Sartan BBSVolgogradPavel Scherbinin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Pvt29DVBVolgogradVladimir Donskoy-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
37DiAlVolgogradAlex Zyuzin-Unpublished-300CM,, IMI
85lmdlmdVolgogradAndy Ogol-Unpublished-300CM,, IMI
182hs sergey stationVolgogradSergey Kaluzhskiy-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5057Samara NetSamara RussiaMax Vasilyev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
19Pioneer's PalaceSamaraMax Vasilyev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NC, NPK
53Area 51SamaraIvan Kovalenko-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
70YogaSamaraIgor Shishkin-Unpublished-300CM,
71YuriySamaraYuriy Vasilyev-Unpublished-300CM,
76MSII StationSamaraSergey Mironenkov-Unpublished-300CM,
77MaxSamaraMax Vasilyev-Unpublished-300CM,
78Cenzor StationSamaraIlya Krestin-Unpublished-300CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5058Orenburg AreaOrskEwgenij Matuhin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, PING
104MathOrskEwgenij Matuhin-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, PING
108Home StationOrskYurik Tolokonnikov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5059StalkerPenzaAnton Gorlov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
37StalkerPenzaAnton Gorlov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,, BEER:dark lager
38PCLoversPenzaAndrey Mundirov-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
39Crazy Diamond StationPenzaArtem Rybalchenko-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5060Taganrog NetTaganrogAndrey Kharchenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
Pvt7WillyStationTaganrogWilly Stingy-Unpublished-300MO
Pvt8ZenithStationTaganrogYuri Kurenkov-Unpublished-300CM
Pvt17OlegNodeTaganrogOleg Lukonin-Unpublished-300CM
Pvt88YuriStationTaganrogYuri Kurenkov-Unpublished-300CM
90SiriusTaganrogAndrey Kharchenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NC
900Sirius-IPTaganrogAndrey Kharchenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5061Rostov NetRostov-on-DonEugene Gladchenko-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,
7f7.n5061.z2.binkp.netRostov-on-DonEugene Lepin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, U, NEC
15Cops' StationRostov-on-DonEugene Gladchenko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, U, NPK
26MEXMATRostov-on-DonOleg Sharoiko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
58f58.n5061.z2.binkp.netRostov-on-DonAndrew Ilchenko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5063Kuban NetKrasnodarVladimir Zykov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IMI,
Hub82HoReZ StationKrasnodarDenis Didenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
101Abrachass StationKrasnodarVladimir Zykov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IMI,, U, NC
103IvUyr StationKrasnodarUyri Ivanik-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, MO,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5066Chuvashia NetCheboksaryOleg Kuznetsov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
18The JJMs HardWork BBSCheboksaryYuriy Haritonov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
35TaT StationNovocheboksarskEugene Vasilyev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
71Blues BoxCheboksaryOleg Kuznetsov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,, U, NC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5068VologdaNetVologda region RussiaAlexey Karachev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
45KiotStationVeliky Ustug RussiaAlexey Karachev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, INA:
350MadxStationTcherepovets RussiaMaksim Ivanov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5075Net TogliattiTogliattiEugene Subbotin-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,
Hub128Dewy NewsTogliattiEugene Subbotin-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,
35FireFox StationTogliattiEugene Subbotin-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,, BEER:stout, BEER:sour ale, BEER:strong ale
37Warlock BBSTogliattiAndrew Komardin-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5076YaNAO NetNoviy UrengoyAndrew Rogov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, ICM, INA:, #20
6Lambda stationNadymDmitry Mityanin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,, #20
Pvt13KSK BBSYamburgYura Dosch-Unpublished-300MO, #20
207SevES TENoviy UrengoyAndrew Rogov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, ICM,, #20
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5080Middle Ural NETEkaterinburg RussiaAlexei Kuklin7-343-37838999600XW, CM, MO, LO, V32T, VFC, V34, IBN,, U, NEC
Hold36ForeverEkaterinburgMichael Chetverikov7-343-39126579600XA, LO, MO, !20
Hub68AcademEkaterinburgAlexei Kuklin7-343-37838999600XW, CM, MO, LO, V32T, VFC, V34, IBN,, U, NEC
31Tresor NightEkaterinburgIvan Novikov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,, U, NC, NPK
108SON OF BOGEkaterinburgOleg Kroogloff7-343-37421619600XA, V32B, V34, V42B
112LotsmanEkaterinburgYury Nikitin-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
Pvt2448BBSEkaterinburgJohn Zaicev-Unpublished-300MO
Hub102nodelist.grumbler.orgEkaterinburgStas Degteff-Unpublished-300MO, MN, IBN, IBN:443,,, PING
172The Access DeniedEkaterinburgStas Vlasov-Unpublished-300MO, MN, IBN,
245Sakura Tree StationEkaterinburgPetr Alexeevskiy-Unpublished-300MO, MN, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5083Kazakhstan NETAlmaty KazakhstanPeter Khanin-Unpublished-300XX, MO, ICM, IBN,
1Wyse DecisionAlmaty KazakhstanAndrey Kislov-Unpublished-9600XA, MO, V32B, V90C, !20, IBN, INA:, TSC
Pvt79Cat BehemothAlmaty KazakhstanAlexey Petrunya-Unpublished-9600V34, VFC, MO, U, NC
85Jazz StationAlmaty KazakhstanEugene Erokhin-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN, INA:
89ImPressed.31Almaty KazakhstanViktor Sychev-Unpublished-300XX, MO, IBN,
90UFO777 StationAlmaty KazakhstanMikhail Matveyev-Unpublished-300CM,
444Pupkin LabsAlmaty KazakhstanPeter Khanin-Unpublished-300XX, MO, ICM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5090SiberianNetKrasnoyarsk RussiaMaksim Medvedev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
138KrNetKrasnoyarsk RussiaMaksim Medvedev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
139Line GT-RKrasnoyarsk RussiaOleg Pletnev-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
958RidiNorilsk RussiaDmitriy Orlov7-391-9238395300V34, H16, XX, TPA
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5095Podolsk NetPodolsk RussiaSergey V. Efimoff-Unpublished-300MO, ICM, IBN,
20Stabilis SystemsPodolsk RussiaSergey V. Efimoff-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IFC, IBN,, U, NPK
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host5097Night FlameUkhtaTema Zelikin-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
24Orgasmu$UkhtaDema Kozin-Unpublished-300IBN,
31Night FlameUkhtaTema Zelikin-Unpublished-300ICM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host6035Fe-City NetZheleznogorskVladimir Fyodorov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, INA:, IMI, U, ENC
3Esquire StationZheleznogorskVladimir Fyodorov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN, INA:,, PING, TRACE, IMI, U, NC, ENC
4NostromoZheleznogorskVladimir Glushko-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
5f5.n6035.z2.binkp.netZheleznogorskVitaliy Poluhin-Unpublished-300MO, CM, IBN,
11DreamZheleznogorsk KurskVictor Tihiy7-471-482-54339600XX, V34, V42B, TXd
66Underground PortaLZheleznogorskDmitriy Ignatov-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host6055Akhtuba River NetVolzhskyYurij Djatlov7-8443-2507719600ICM, XX, V34, V32B, V42B, TTE, IBN, INA:
4Last Day StationVolzhskyDenis Lyzhenko-Unpublished-300CM, IBN,
7COBA C COBEHKOMVolzhskyYurij Djatlov7-8443-2507719600ICM, XX, V34, V32B, V42B, TTE, IBN, INA:
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host6056Kamyshin NetKamyshinSerg Ageev-Unpublished-300MO, IBN, Ageev-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
8KESKamyshinAlexsandr Khromov-Unpublished-300MO, IBN,
51Terminal UranixKamyshinEvgeniy
207Vadevil StationKamyshinVadim
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host6078Kaliningrad regionKaliningradDmitriy Romanov-Unpublished-9600MO, ITN, IBN, IFC, CM, INA:
1Techno Music BBSKaliningradDmitriy Romanov-Unpublished-9600MO, ITN, IBN, IFC, CM, INA:
Pvt2Neman OnLineNemanKostya Udelov-Unpublished-300MO
Pvt3RADIO-86RKKaliningradOleg Ageev-Unpublished-9600MO
Pvt4SilenceBBSKaliningradRoman Filippov-Unpublished-300MO
80YESChernyahovskCheslav Osanadze-Unpublished-300IBN, CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host6090AtomNetKrasnoyarsk-26 RussiaMichael Vorobyov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
1ClarionKrasnoyarsk-26Michael Vorobyov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IBN,
14dmklkv313Krasnoyarsk-26Dmitriy Kulikov-Unpublished-300CM, MO, IMI,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region56Catch All Z2Bad UeberkingenUlrich Schroeter49-7331-98610429600CM, XA, MO, IBN,, X75, V32B, V42B, U, ENC
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host362NC-362Torres Vedras PTLuis Silva351-261-40291833600V32, V42B, CM, XA, IBN,
6MSmacTorres Vedras PTLuis Silva351-261-40291833600V32, V42B, CM, XA, IBN, ITN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host371NC-HungaryBudapest HUDaniel Path-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN:24555, ITN:1212,
52Roon's BBSBudapest HUDaniel Path-Unpublished-300CM, XA, IBN, ITN:1212,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host380NC-SloveniaBad UeberkingenUlrich Schroeter49-7331-98610429600CM, XA, MO, IBN,, X75, V32B, V42B, U, ENC, CDP
5Old beautiful times BBSLjubljanaVladimir Gerassimov-Unpublished-300CM, XA, MO, IBN,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host382NC-SerbiaBad UeberkingenUlrich Schroeter49-7331-98610429600CM, XA, MO, IBN,, X75, V32B, V42B, U, ENC, CDP
147VortexNovi SadStrahinja Bojovic-Unpublished-300CM, IBN, ITN:3777,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host530NC-RomaniaBad UeberkingenUlrich Schroeter49-7331-98610429600CM, XA, MO, IBN,, X75, V32B, V42B, U, ENC, CDP
306pufaChiajna ROAndrei Rachita-Unpublished-300U, MOB
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Zone3Australia NZ PNGSydney NSWScott Little-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, ITN:60177, IFC, PING
50Kaffeien CaffeBloemfontein ZARussell Tiedt-Unpublished-300CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region54Terra AustralisQld NSW(ACT) Vic(Tas) MiscBitsPaul Quinn-Unpublished-300MO, CM, XW,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host640The North Australian NetCairns QldTerry Roati-Unpublished-300CM, XR,, IBN, IFT, ITN, IVM
305JabberWOCky Node 2Bucca QldDavid Drummond-Unpublished-300MO, CM, XW,
1115EMS!BBSAnaheim CA USAScott Labrecque-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IBN, IVM
1116Hobbyline BBSSun City Center FLMike, ITN, IVM
1117Nexus Computers BBSGold Coast QLDManu Ngamotu-Unpublished-300CM,, ITN, IVM
1138Test systemMaryborough QldPaul Quinn-Unpublished-300MO, CM,
1157The Power Station BBSParker CoJoe Martin1-303-953-05689600CM, XA, V32b, V34, V42b, IBN:
1321The File Bank BBS!Cairns QldTerry Roati-Unpublished-300CM, XR,, IBN, IFT, ITN, IVM
1384Quinn's RockMaryborough QldPaul Quinn-Unpublished-300MO, CM, XW,
Pvt1674Buzzards HavenArmidale NSW AustraliaLouis Rau-Unpublished-300MO
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host712sysgod.orgSydney NSWScott Little-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, ITN:60177, IFC, PING
114TARDIS BBSPort Able NSWMark Firestone-Unpublished-300CM,
550LogovoSydney NSWSergei Shutov-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
620The Dungeon BBSConder ACTKeith Matthews-Unpublished-300CM,
848sysgod.orgSydney NSWScott Little-Unpublished-300CM, XX,, IBN, ITN:60177, IFC, PING
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host633Southern-Australia Vic-SA-Tas-MiscPort Melbourne VicStephen Walsh-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
267Blizzard of OzzMt Eliza VicAndrew Clarke-Unpublished-300CM,
280Net-633-HubPort Melbourne VicStephen Walsh-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
281Dragon's Lair BBSBallarat VicStephen Walsh-Unpublished-300CM,
384MS & RD BBSMelbourne VicMichael Falzon-Unpublished-300CM,
408Aliens' Alcove 2Taguig City PhilippinesEric Pareja-Unpublished-300CM,
410Freeway BBSBendigo VicTony Langdon-Unpublished-300CM,
412Datanet BBSMelbourne VicSteve Ellis-Unpublished-300CM,
416Mind's EyeMelbourne VicTom Aberdeen-Unpublished-300CM,
509AlterantParkdale VicDeon George-Unpublished-300CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region57New ZealandNew ZealandPaul Hayton-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, PING, TRACE
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host770South Island NetNew ZealandPaul Hayton-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, PING, TRACE
1Southern HubSouth Island NZPaul Hayton-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, PING, TRACE
Pvt3Agency HUB GatewayNew ZealandPaul Hayton-Unpublished-300
100Agency BBSDunedinPaul Hayton-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24555
3301st Choice CoreAshburtonIan Segers-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
3402nd Choice CoreAshburtonIan Segers-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN:24555
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host772North Island NetNew ZealandPaul Hayton-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, PING, TRACE
1Northern HubNorth Island NZPaul Hayton-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN, PING, TRACE
210Trashcan BBSAucklandNick MacKechnie-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
220Family BBSAucklandTony Pawson-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
230S W A T S BBSAucklandStephen Hunt-Unpublished-300CM,, IBN
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Zone4America LatinaArgentinaManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region80Rede BrasilRio de Janeiro RJFlavio Bessa-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
1Internet HUBBrasilFlavio Bessa-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host801Rede Brasileira de TeleinformaticaRio de Janeiro RJFlavio Bessa-Unpublished-300CM, MO,
10SoftSolutions BBSSantana de Parnaiba SPAlexandre Figueiredo-Unpublished-300CM,
Pvt161HidraSoft BBSAruja SPRenato Zambon-Unpublished-300
Pvt188Saturn's Orbit BBSRio de Janeiro RJFlavio Bessa-Unpublished-300
189Brain Storm BBSRecife PEIoram Sette-Unpublished-300CM,
Pvt193Titan's Orbit BBSRio de Janeiro RJFlavio Bessa-Unpublished-300
  -- Invalid Node number -- 'Ninho_do_Abutre_BBS'

type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
197Infonet BBSBrasilia DFRegivaldo Costa-Unpublished-300CM,
Pvt199Net PE BBSRecife PEIoram Sette-Unpublished-300
200RMSBBSNatal RNRamses Caldas-Unpublished-300CM,
201Clube da Insonia BBSSanto Andre SPGlauber Rodrigues-Unpublished-300CM,
202Baffa BBSRio de Janeiro RJAugusto Baffa-Unpublished-300CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region88ChileChilePatricio Rodriguez-Unpublished-300CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host880ChilePuerto MonttPatricio Rodriguez-Unpublished-300CM,
1Mastodont BBSPuerto MonttPatricio Rodriguez-Unpublished-300CM,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region90ArgentinaArgentinaManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
1InterNet HUBArgentinaManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host900CABA y GBABuenos AiresManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
Hub100Internet HUBLa Plata BAManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
Pvt101ICE BBSCiudad de Buenos AiresAriel Brunetto-Unpublished-300
102The Vault BBSCiudad de Buenos AiresRodrigo Pelaez-Unpublished-300CM,
Pvt105MAXI BBSCiudad de Buenos AiresMaximiliano Guerrero-Unpublished-300
Pvt106CordobaCordoba CBAThierry Olmedo-Unpublished-300
107Darkgame BBSVicente Lopez BAArturo Busleiman-Unpublished-300CM,
Hold108Zooropa BBSCiudad de Buenos AiresGaston Martres-Unpublished-300
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host902Provincia de Buenos AiresLa Plata BAManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
Hub100Internet HUBLa Plata BAManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
Hold6Argen-X BBSLa Plata BAEduardo Castillo-Unpublished-300CM,
7Reisub BBSJunin BAFabian Bonetti-Unpublished-300CM,
Pvt10The Haunted Castle BBSLa Plata BAJavier Lopez-Unpublished-300
19Fercho BBSLa Plata BAFernando Miculan-Unpublished-300CM, XA,
Pvt25Fernando ToledoAvellaneda BAFernando Toledo-Unpublished-300
26Docksud BBSAvellaneda BAFernando Toledo-Unpublished-300CM,
27Momia BBSLa Plata BAManuel Adorni-Unpublished-300CM, XA,,
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Region92PanamaPedasi PanamaJohn Dovey-Unpublished-300CM,, PING
1El Gato De Fuego BBSPedasi PanamaJohn Dovey-Unpublished-300CM, REC,, PING
type#node namelocationsysopphone#speedflags
Host920PanamaPedasi PanamaJohn Dovey-Unpublished-300CM,, PING
1El Gato De Fuego BBSPedasi PanamaJohn Dovey-Unpublished-300CM, XA,, PING
Pvt69El Gato De Fuego BBS IIPedasi PanamaJohn, PING
Pvt999Test NodeAnywhere in PanamaNew Sysop-Unpublished-300
 | Begin Zone 1 EPILOG-section for Friday, October 15th, 2021 |

 Flags authorized for use in the Fidonet Zone 1 nodelist segment:


          Flag      Meaning

          CM        Node accepts mail 24 hours a day
          MO        Node does not accept human callers
          LO        Node accepts calls Only from Listed
                    FidoNet addresses
          ICM       Node accepts 24/7 IP-mail but has limited
                    "open"-hours only via PSTN and/or ISDN

     The following flags define modem protocols supported:

          Flag      Meaning

          V21       CCITT V.21     300 bps   full duplex
          V22       CCITT V.22     1200 bps  full duplex
          V29       CCITT V.29     9600 bps  half duplex
          V32       CCITT V.32     9600 bps  full duplex
          V32b      ITU-T V.32 bis 14400 bps full duplex
          V32T      V.32 Terbo
          V33       CCITT V.33
          V34       CCITT V.34
          HST       USR Courier HST
          H14       USR Courier HST 14.4
          H16       USR Courier HST 16.8
          H96       Hayes V9600
          MAX       Microcom AX/96xx series
          PEP       Packet Ensemble Protocol
          CSP       Compucom Speedmodem
          ZYX       Zyxel series
          VFC       V.Fast Class
          Z19       Zyxel 19,200 modem protocol
          V90C      ITU-T V.90 modem Client
          V90S      ITU-T V.90 Server.
          X2C       US Robotics x2 client.
          X2S       US Robotics x2 server.

     The following flags define type of error correction available. A
     separate error correction flag should not be used when the error
     correction type can be determined by the modem flag. For instance
     a modem flag of HST implies MNP.

          Flag      Meaning

          MNP       Microcom Networking Protocol error correction
                    of type MNP1 to MNP4
          V42       LAP-M error correction w/fallback to MNP


     The following flags define the type(s) of compression of mail
     packets supported.

          Flag      Meaning

          MN        No compression supported

    The following flags define the type(s) of data compression

         V42b      ITU-T V42bis


    The following flags indicate the types of file/update requests

 |      |         Bark        |        WaZOO        |
 |      |---------------------|---------------------|
 |      |   File   |  Update  |   File   |  Update  |
 | Flag | Requests | Requests | Requests | Requests |
 | XA   |    Yes   |    Yes   |    Yes   |    Yes   |
 | XB   |    Yes   |    Yes   |    Yes   |    No    |
 | XC   |    Yes   |    No    |    Yes   |    Yes   |
 | XP   |    Yes   |    Yes   |    No    |    No    |
 | XR   |    Yes   |    No    |    Yes   |    No    |
 | XW   |    No    |    No    |    Yes   |    No    |
 | XX   |    No    |    No    |    Yes   |    Yes   |

 The following software is qualified to
 use the appropriate file request flag
 according to information provided by

 | Flag      Software Package        |
 |  XA  Frontdoor   1.99b and lower  |
 |      Frontdoor   2.01  and higher |
 |      Dutchie     2.90c            |
 |      Binkleyterm 2.1   and higher |
 |      D'Bridge    1.2   and lower  |
 |      Melmail                      |
 |      TIMS                         |
 |      Xenia                        |
 |  XB  Binkleyterm 2.0              |
 |      Dutchie     2.90b            |
 |  XC  Opus        1.1              |
 |  XP  Seadog                       |
 |  XR  Opus        1.03             |
 |      Platinum Xpress              |
 |  XW  Fido        12N   and higher |
 |      Tabby                        |
 |      TrapDoor  No update processor|
 |      The Brake!                   |
 |  XX  Argus○      2.00  and higher |
 |      BeeMail
 |      D'Bridge    1.30  and higher |
 |      Frontdoor   1.99c/2.00       |
 |      InterMail   2.01             |
 |      McMail      1.00             |
 |      T-Mail                       |
 |      TrapDoor - Update Processor  |
 |  None       QMM                   |


    The following flag defines gateways to other domains (networks).

         Flag      Meaning

         Gx..x     Gateway to domain 'x..x', where 'x..x` is a string
                   of alphanumeric characters. Valid values for
                   'x..x' are assigned by the FidoNet International
                   Coordinator.  Current valid values of 'x..x' may
                   be found in the notes at the end of the FidoNet

    The following flags define the dedicated mail periods supported.
    They have the form "#nn" or !nn where nn is the UTC hour the mail
    period begins,  # indicates Bell 212A compatibility,  and !
    indicates incompatibility with Bell 212A.

         Flag      Meaning

          #02       Zone 2 mail hour (02:30 - 03:30 UTC)
          #08       Zone 4 mail hour (08:00 - 09:00 UTC)
          #09       Zone 1 mail hour (09:00 - 10:00 UTC)
          #18       Zone 3 mail hour (17:00 - 18:00 UTC)

                   NOTE:  When applicable,  the mail period flags may
                   be strung together with no intervening commas, eg.
                   "#02#09".  Only mail hours other than that
                   standard within a node's zone should be given.
                   Since observance of mail hour within one's zone is
                   mandatory,  it should not be indicated.


  Nodelist  Specification of minimal support required for this flag;
  flag      any additional support to be arranged via agreement
          between users

  V110L     ITU-T V.110 19k2 async ('low').
  V110H     ITU-T V.110 38k4 async ('high').
  V120L     ITU-T V.120 56k async, layer 2 framesize 259, window 7,
            modulo 8.
  V120H     ITU-T V.120 64k async, layer 2 framesize 259, window 7,
            modulo 8.
  X75       ITU-T X.75 SLP (single link procedure) with 64kbit/s B
            channel;Slayer 2 max.framesize 2048, window 2, non-ext.
            mode (modulo 8);Slayer 3 transparent (no packet layer).
  ISDN      Other configurations. Use only if none of the above

  NOTE: No flag implies another. Each capability MUST be specifically
  If no modem connects are supported, the nodelist speed field should
  be 300.

  Conversion from old to new ISDN capability flags:
    ISDNA -> V110L
    ISDNB -> V110H
    ISDNC -> X75



   IBN - denotes a system that does BINKP
   IFC - denotes a system that is capable of RAW or IFCICO
   ITN - denote a system that does TELNET
   IVM - denotes a system that is capable of VMODEM
   IFT - denotes a system that allows FTP
   ITX - denotes a system that uses TransX encoding for email
   IUC - denotes a system that uses UUEncode for email tunneling
   IMI - denotes a system which uses MIME encoding for email
   ISE - denotes a system which supports SEAT receipts for anonymous
   IP  - denotes a system that can receive TCP/IP connects using a
         protocol that is not covered by any other flag.
   IEM - is a deprecated flag, and new implementations must not
         write it in nodelist entries. This was used as a single
         placeholder for the InterNet address of the system if it
         supported several transport methods. Instead of placing
         the system address in the deprecated form specified below
         in each flag, the address would be placed once only in this
         flag. Implementations may need to parse this information
         from nodelists created with older programs.
   INA - Place to list a Fully Qualified Domain Name Or Static IP
         Address, to be followed by applicable protocol flags
         offered.   Usage:  INA:<>|<x.x.x.x>

 Conversion from R46/R50 Internet capabilty flags to the new flags:

   BND -> IBN
   TEL -> ITN
   VMD -> IVM
   TCP -> IP

 The Internet Address may be placed in the BBS name field.

 Previous usage has placed the InterNet address as part of the
 I-flag (for example
 In this format the flag, colon, and address combined cannot exceed 32
 characters. However, this practice is deprecated, and new implementations
 must not place address data in the flag section of the nodelist entry,
 implementations may however be required to read this data from the
 flag section.

 Telnet default port is 23. If the port is not 23 then the port
 number must be placed after the ITN flag (eg ITN:60177) if the
 Telnet address is part of the ITN flag (eg then
 the port number should be last (eg always
 remember that the flag cannot exceed 32 characters total.

 The default ports for other protocols are shown below, and changes
 from the default port must be flagged in a similar way.

 Protocol      Flag    Default Port

 FTP           IFT     21
 BINKP         IBN     24554
 RAW/IFCICO    IFC     60179
 VMODEM        IVM     3141

 Actual IP addresses can also be placed in the phone number field
 using  the country code of 000, however, the use of a FQDN is prefered.

 Note: All IP nodes *must* have mailer capabilities. E-Mail/FTP etc. denote
       supplemental capabilities only.


  The flag Tyz is used by non-CM nodes online not only during ZMH,
  y is a letter indicating the start and z a letter indicating the
  end of the online period as defined below (times in UTC):

       A  0:00,  a  0:30,   B  1:00,  b  1:30,   C  2:00,  c  2:30,
       D  3:00,  d  3:30,   E  4:00,  e  4:30,   F  5:00,  f  5:30,
       G  6:00,  g  6:30,   H  7:00,  h  7:30,   I  8:00,  i  8:30,
       J  9:00,  j  9:30,   K 10:00,  k 10:30,   L 11:00,  l 11:30,
       M 12:00,  m 12:30,   N 13:00,  n 13:30,   O 14:00,  o 14:30,
       P 15:00,  p 15:30,   Q 16:00,  q 16:30,   R 17:00,  r 17:30,
       S 18:00,  s 18:30,   T 19:00,  t 19:30,   U 20:00,  u 20:30,
       V 21:00,  v 21:30,   W 22:00,  w 22:30,   X 23:00,  x 23:30.

  For example TuB shows an online period from 20:30 until 1:00 UTC.

  Daylight saving time

  If a node changes online times with respect to UTC when daylight
  saving time becomes effective (which would be the case with most
  part time nodes), then this is to be taken into account when
  assigning this flag. An online times flag assigned to a node should
  not be altered for the specific purpose of adjusting due to
  daylight saving time, since large difference files (NODEDIFF's)
  would result if every node was allowed to do this, e.g. my node
  used to be online from 2300 to 0800 in local time, which in winter
  is UTC, but in the summer it becomes BST (British Summer Time).
  This is one hour ahead of UTC, and the corresponding availability
  times of my node during the summer period were 2200 to 0700 UTC.
  Therefore my online times flag would have indicated availability
  between the hours of 2300 and 0700 UTC, the daily time period
  encompassing both times, so the flag would be TXH.


  The following baud rates are authorized for use in the nodelist:

  300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 16800, 19200, 28800, 33600

  K:  Special flag: "PING" without any arguments


         Nodes flying this flag will adhere to the following functionality:

         1) PING-function:
             If a message destined to "PING" arrives at its final destination
             and this final destination flies the "PING"-flag, then the
             receiving node will bounce the message back to the original
             sender clearly displaying all the original via-lines.

             If a message destined to "PING" arrives at its final destination
             but this final destination does _not_ fly the "PING"-flag then the
             message may be deleted from the inbound-queue without further

         2) TRACE-function:
             If a message destined to "PING" arrives at a node which flies
             the PING-flag but is merely passing-through to another destination
             then the in-transit node will notify the sender of this occurence
             and will forward the original mail unaltered towards its final

 Userflags authorized for use in the nodelist

              A user-specified string, which may contain any
              alphanumeric character except blanks.  This string may
              contain one to thirty-two characters of information
              that may be used to add user-defined data to a specific
              nodelist entry.  The character "U" must not be
              repeated, eg, ",U,XXX,YYY,ZZZ" not ",U,XXX,U,YYY,UZZZ".
              The 32 character limitation is per userflag, not for
              the total of all userflags.

              New implementations must place a comma after the
              initial "U" before the user flags. Some
              implementations will not place a separating comma
              between the "U" and the first user flag, but this
              practice is deprecated. Implementations should be
              prepared to read flags in this format, and must strip
              the "U" from the flag before analysis in this case.

              Entries following the "U" flag must be of a technical
              or administrative nature.  While experimentation of new
              software functions using this flag is encouraged,
              advertisement is strictly prohibited.

              For applications other than those shown, or if you
              have questions concerning the use of this field, please
              contact your Regional or Zone Coordinator.

    ZEC       Zone EchoMail Coordinator. Not more than one entry
              in the zone  segment may carry this flag and that entry
              must be the current Zone EchoMail Coordinator.

    REC       Regional EchoMail Coordinator. Not more than one
              entry in any region may carry this flag and that entry
              must be the current Regional EchoMail Coordinator.

    NEC       Network EchoMail coordinator. Not more than one entry
              in any net may carry this flag and that entry must be
              the current Network EchoMail Coordinator of that Net.

    SDS       Software Distribution System

    SMH       SecureMail Hub - or one of the following variations,
              indicating the specific level of the hub:

○○NSMH - Net SecureMail Host - only one per net
○○RSMH - Region SecureMail Host - only one per region
○○ZSMH - Zone SecureMail Host - only one in Zone 1
○○ISMH - International SecureMail Host - only one in Fidonet

    NC        Network Coordinator. This flag is ONLY to be used by
              the Network Coordinator of a net which has split the
              duties of NC and Host and the NC does NOT occupy the
              Net/0 position in the nodelist.

 |                Announcement about the GDPR                    |
 | The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679   |
 | is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for  |
 | all individuals within the European Union and the European    |
 | Economic Area.  The GDPR aims primarily to give control to    |
 | citizens and residents over their personal data.              |
 |                                                               |
 | It became enforceable on 25 May 2018. Because the GDPR is     |
 | a regulation, not a directive, it does not require national   |
 | governments to pass any enabling legislation and is directly  |
 | binding and applicable.                                       |
 |                                                               |
 | After May 25, 2018 companies and organisations can only       |
 | communicate withpeople who have given their explicit consent. |
 |                                                               |
 | Every sysop in the past has requested to be listed in the     |
 | nodelist, otherwise he/she would not be a Fidonet sysop, so   |
 | the permission of each individual sysop in regions within the |
 | European Union as well as the EEA has already been obtained.  |
 | Should any of these sysops feel that his/her privacy is       |
 | compromised by being listed in the nodelist, please get in    |
 | touch with the appropriate Hub/Net/Region-administrator and   |
 | either have the entry removed or updated.                     |
 |                                                               |
 | As the Fidonet-organisation is non-commercial and does not    |
 | compile, store nor process sensitive information, the bulk    |
 | of the GDPR-regulation does not apply to us.                  |
 |                                                               |
 | The Fidonet-regions concerned are:                            |
 |                                                               |
 | R20 Sweden Norway Finland Denmark                             |
 | R24 Germany                                                   |
 | R25 UK Ireland                                                |
 | R28 Netherlands                                               |
 | R29 Belgium                                                   |
 | R30 Switzerland                                               |
 | R31 Austria                                                   |
 | R33 Italy                                                     |
 | R34 Spain                                                     |
 | R41 Greece                                                    |
 | R42 Czech Republik Slovakia                                   |
 | R48 Poland                                                    |

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