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Stats, stats, who likes stats!?

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Tweaked things a bit more. I can't seem to stop. Added some more info to the door page for Usurper.

While on the topic of Usurper, I'm close to fixing the player rankings. Just have some further testing to do before implementing.


Gave the site a bit of a much-needed facelift. All door games available on the BBS are now featured on the Doors page.

The next thing I hope to have fixed is the broken score listing for Usurper.


Did a lot of work on the BBS today. Mostly in the ANSI department. My skills aren't the best, but I am relearning, and they'll suffice for now.

On another note, LORD and Usurper have both been reset. Enjoy!


LORD 4.07 and LORD2 are now registered for local play! Give them a try!


Added a few classic text adventures to the Games section under the eXternal programs.


Several more door games are now available to play via BBSlink. These are registered versions with mostly active player bases. I still plan on getting several doors registered for local play on this BBS as well, but these should suffice in the meantime.


So it begins.